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Posted this one ova KMB blog. As evident i had to do lot of hard work, especially with the way internet was slowing down & on few occasions almost died. ——— so labeled “more Muslim than Muslims” has taken oath as ACJP in Karachi & with it little focus shifted to Khi too & possibly last for a week considering how eager media is to cover its every bit with opportunities always in abundance (1,2,3). On other front Qazi, as “they always do” finally dragged religion successfully into this.
May God give him some sense.

While everyone, including the silent Altaf bhai has finally spoken too, its now media’s turn to play on its home ground & discuss after benefiting perfectly. So today’s main papers (DAWN, NEWS, JANG & DT) had enough “stuff” on main pages. Cowasjee had, as always, a good article today titled “Straaaaawberry jam” recalling a story about his meeting with president Zia just to free his “secured” tiffin basket (no no , it didn’t have Zia’s secrets, was just a lunch his wife had for him) & in actual sense summarizing as a whole the Army Mentality thus possibly concluding that it’s the Army behind this game & not the poor PM (& also sympathy qualified goats Durrani & W. Zafar).

But more importantly what was impressive was the over all content showing general public awareness/apprehensions (thanks to our media) from varied angels. (e.g “Heights of hypocrisy” & “the sword above” ).

Along with electronic media the papers ( me only managed reading the above 4 mentioned) were full of well written content (news, articles, letters). Mostly importantly for first time (since March 9) the papers are trying to dive into depth instead of moving with emotions. Till the ACJ leaves Karachi the media, it looks like, is not willing to let him go without anything, the way he was surrounded.

Keeping it short knowing fully aware of our well active readers here is just a small query: During one related search i came across SHC Karachi website. The first page mentions Nishtar park case. Didn’t it deal with any case for an year now ? OR will some concerned bother to update it?

(Original Image : Ali Adnan Qazalbash)

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