Valid for Pakistani team too

Australian Cricket logoSo finally India is out of the World cup too but instead of saying anything on it i would like to talk on a more permanent issue right now but not in Indian context, rather in Pakistani context as the problem that has taken over both the sides is quite similar & instead of giving my own view i rather will refer you to this article by Amit Varma that is very much valid for our team too. While my thoughts on all of this is included in extended part following is the crux of the whole point that i strongly want to emphasis on & you should read, just in case if you are in a hurry.

Sachin bold

” There is a crucial difference to be noted between India and Australia, though. Australia have enormous bench strength. They could fire Healy because Adam Gilchrist waited, sack Michael Slater because Justin Langer was around, let Mark Waugh go because Damien Martyn had been kept out for too long. Outstanding talents like Stuart Law and Matthew Elliott and Stuart MacGill, who would have played a hundred Tests in any other country, spent ages waiting in the sidelines. If Mike Hussey and Brad Hodge played for any other team, they’d be international cricket veterans by now. ” 


If you analyse carefully you would agree to me that the Indian & Paki cricketing setup is almost similar. We heavily rely on individual brilliance, rather than team coordination. What is sad is the way our nations take these souls to skies instantly after they hit a big winning hundred or a 5+ wicket haul. As they say in medical terms, a premature development may be negative, similarly when these players, accepting the fact that they played well & worked hard in the beginning make it to the sky start consider themselves larger than life & start violating principles. Only then it becomes evident to the board that its too late. There is no doubt the players should get what they deserve but as Steve Waugh onced pointed out the players should never be allowed to consider themselves above the team thus keeping in their mind that when the team require they would be shown the door for the betterment of the team obviously.

What is also important to note is both, BCCI & PCB used main resources on national team. What was/is required is to do some serious surgery on domestic cricket. I may not konw Indian domestic cricket but I know little about the state of domestic cricket & i can tell you it’s in real bad condition, trust me. The money needs to be pumped in here rather on the lavishness of national team or its officials.

A calendar to keep domestic teams busy be setup & most importantly merit be maintained so the best make it to the national side & not what is often done here, Imran Nazir being the latest case, who came from no where thanks to Naseem Ashraf. Once the cycle of excellence & its appreciation starts rolling the junior players too, will start considering working hard on their performance & not sopt thinking other options (tactics).

That’s it for now. Reading the article is more important than reading my as-usual-rant. If i get time i shall try to write a detail post. I shall try to see how much technical I can get, discussing in depth about players. Time to wind up now….

(image credit : Cricinfo)

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