What you can do in One Million dollars ?

SAM passed on this link over MSN messenger. Frankly, the guy who bought this for a million is a jerk & also is the one who asked for that amount. Read this one but more importantly read the comments & figure out yourself what users think about this one million dollar laptop. Especially check the 7th comment by Allan. I have copied the page here in case the original link goes down.

What Does a One Million Dollar Laptop Look Like?

We’ve seen plenty of expensive gizmos in our days, most of which are not due to advanced electronics, but this is one of the very few times we’ve had to get into seven figures. I’m not exactly sure what it is about this laptop from Luvaglio London that makes it so special, but the current asking price on the computing creation is a cool $1 million.

They’ve got a black one for the gents and a pink edition for the gals in the audience. To add to the exclusivity, you won’t be able to just waltz into your local Best Buy or surf on up onto Amazon to get your hands on one of these expensive gems. Instead, the $1 million laptop can only be ordered “by appointment” from Luvaglio London.

Maybe it’s the self-opening case in the video below that makes it worth the asking price. Then again…



davep – 24.03.2007 – 14:02

wow that box is coooooool neva seen anything like it

Alfredo Cofr – 24.03.2007 – 19:42

I could made a box like that with compressed wood plates like Trupan, a few electric engines from an old radio, a couple rubber belts and good leather.
That computer is rubish. Very expensive rubish.

eliot – 25.03.2007 – 10:51

Heck, I’d pay $750,000 for the box alone. Betcha it still comes with all that pre-installed AOL crap.

Simon North – 25.03.2007 – 12:10

I certainly wouldn’t spend that much on a laptop, $800 is about what I’d pay

MidexBlog – 25.03.2007 – 13:10

Nice but really, really unnecessary. That would be around 10’000 OLPC…

Aibek – 25.03.2007 – 13:27

that doesnt look like something a techie would ever buy, even for 2000k

Allan – 25.03.2007 – 14:10

….. You can’t be serious! That for $1 million??
Lets look at what you can buy for $1million.
1. Buy a laptop/computer company
2. 200 Top of the line laptops
3. For Under $1000 you could probably build that box thing.
5. Slap your name on it
6. Sell it on Amazon.com for $1million

* The above are random figures pulled out of my head. I cannot be held responsible for your silly million dollar mistakes.

subcorpus – 25.03.2007 – 15:16

i can think of a coupla different things i could do if i had a cool million bucks …

Scott – 25.03.2007 – 17:52

Tragic – if people are silly enough to buy it good on them.

matt – 25.03.2007 – 17:53

Two chicks at the same time dude.

rich e rich – 26.03.2007 – 08:01

i’ll take 10.

maxberry – 26.03.2007 – 12:02

There are some people who pay millions for peace of paintings! Its all about the exteremly rich people !

Michael Pearce – 26.03.2007 – 12:05

All that money and effort and all you get on it is Windows.

sammo – 26.03.2007 – 13:45

for a million bucks i would instead hire top notch people to do all my internets

Justin – 26.03.2007 – 15:24

saddly the worst part is it probably runs windows….

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