Was YouTube around in 1968?

Dad says that back in 70’s he had had visualized mobile & cellular stuff. Considering how imaginative he is (definitely in top 10) i see no reason why i shouldn’t believe him. Bulk of it comes from his profession but even if he would have been in any other field that won’t make any difference. He is the Alexander in my world. Considering his times 50 years back & that too from where he was born the machine achieved more than it was expected.

I have to say all of this while i read this article about YOUTUBE that shows how eager a human is to be known/famous. Here we go :

I have to ask: after all, it was in 1968 that Andy Warhol said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” YouTube enables that like nothing else can.

Consider the story of the gent who “hurtled down nearly 200 feet at Angel tube station with a camera strapped to his head and posted the video on the YouTube Web site.” I can guarantee you this: the young man wouldn’t have bothered to do the stunt had YouTube not been around. What else will come from this?

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