Inzi Post-Bob: An Interview

Found this on chowk & couldn’t stop laughing . . . . read it full 

Inzi Post-Bob: An Interview

by Nadeem F. Paracha , March 23, 2007  Chowk BLOG.

Interviewer: Hello Inzi …
Inzi: Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rahim … first, thanks to Almighty Allah for this interview and …

Interviewer: Of course … so tell us, what made you finally resign your captaincy and retire from One-Day cricket?
Inzi: Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rahim … firstly, thanks to Almighty Allah, the boys prayed well …

Interviewer: You mean the boys played well …
Inzi: No, the boys prayed well …

Interviewer: Okay, but they did not play well …
Inzi: No, first comes praying and thanks to Mushy, Saeed Anwar, Yusuf and Junaid Jamshed for leading ba-jamaat prayers …

Interviewer: But you guys are paid to play, not to pray.

Inzi: No, only Bob, Danish and Shoaib Akhtar play because they don’t pray … but thanks to Almighty Allah, rest of boys prayed well, especially Yusuf and Yunus and Rana and myself who were in good praying form and inshallah we will win this year’s Raiwind Tableegh Cup with help from coaching of Mushy and Saeed Anwar.

Interviewer: Right. Now, can we talk about cricket for a change?
Inzi: Why?

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A palace of wax

Before I ever married
my mother
used to have
Her fearful screams shook me
I would wake her, ask her
“What happened?”
Blank-eyed she would stare at me.
She couldn’t remember her dreams.

One day a nightmare woke her
but she did not scream
She held me tight in silent fear
I asked her
“What happened?”
She opened her eyes and thanked the heavens
“I dreamt that you were drowning”.
She said,
“And I jumped into the river to save you”.

That night she lightning
killed our buffalo and my fiance.

Then one night my mother slept
And I stayed up
Watching her open and shut her fist
She was trying to hold on to something
Failing, and willing herself to hold on again.

I woke her
But she refused to tell me her dream.

Since that day
I have not slept soundly.
I moved to the other courtyard.

Now I and my mother both scream
through our nightmares.

And if someone asks us
we just tell them
we can´t remember our dreams

(Kishwar Naheed)
Translated from the urdu by Rukhsana Ahmad

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The Firefox love story

I am one of those lucky FF users who picked it at the earliest. Ever since i started using FF , IE was unknown to me. Why ?, well there is already enough info on it over the web. FF is the King browser for me right now & along with its Add-ons it has become a giant monster that will eat any minor like IE etc. Its simplicity along with functionality & ability to be played with has made it penetrate the market like anything.

You can judge my love for it from the very fact that before i joined this office people here hardly knew it. I guess  it was janii Alizaib apart from me who had any idea on it among colleagues who were her, then. When the very fist day, i installed FF i was asked to remove it. I was told that i cannot install applications apart from an approved list.

What the F*** i said. ” No way !! “. Being an engineer it looked so stupid of the office to teach me what i should have on my OS & what not. But that was about to change very soon . . . .

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The most free-from-everything nation

Was reading an article by BBC regarding freedom in Pakistan & couldn’t stop sharing it. Its funny to note that our land of contradiction has so much to offer in entertainment but we waste our energies in seemingly non-issues like wardi, elections, deal etc. Yes they are definitely a non-issue for the awaam, coz they are all khawaas issues. Who cares if mush stays in his badbuudar wardi or if PPP gets a dheel from gov, enters a successful deal & wins election. Will that change life for him on the ground ?

So we were talking about freedom of speech. Let’s carry on :

I guess religious freedom is the best freedom we have. We kicked Qadiyani’s out because after all we are the self made theikedar (SMT’s) on deciding who is & who isn’t Muslim which interestingly the prophet never used. The fanatics have the freedom to make a 1 million army hostage within the walls of Lal Masjid right under military nose. They prefered its nose maily because it is familiar to them. Its the same nose that acted like their own during afghan war which for me was a defeat. The USA perfectly fooled the whole Ummah as she knew we have some extra capsules in our blood regarding love to Islam which never shows up in our daily dealings. It only comes out when we have to capture a peace of land like Kashmir or Afghanistan or to achieve power.

So i was talking about religious freedom. We have the unique distinction of molding, folding, baking, cutting & chopping the original shariah for our likening. Don’t you see how ashiqaan-e-rasuul steal KESC electricity during Rabi-ul-awwal. See thats what we call freedom. Make the whole nation pay for your celebrations. And no one is there to question you because as i said , you are the SMT’s of Islam.

I wonder what could be the possible reaction of the holy Prophet PBUH if he could see all of this. Here is a possible conversation between the holy Prophet & ALLAH after Prophet lands on earth & after seeing all of this want to go back :

i decided to quit this here & complete later as i had missed some thing somewhere. Wont be good if i post it half. Sorry for this

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Padhoge likhoge , toh banoge Nawaab

Just finish posting new topic on KMB titled Padhoge likhoge , toh banoge Nawaab & its regarding my experience when i was coming from Clifton towards Saddar & Numaish.

This incident really shows what Ali keeps on highlighting i.e the educated probably need manners more than illiterate because if a horse isn’t cultured why complain about donkey. And as you could see in one comment from TEE EMM the illiterate usually feel helpless. Its the educated who have the habit of arguing (when on most of the time its their fault)

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Introducing – Parkour

I developed my interest (read deep interest) for this last year when i found a vid on YOUTUBE but right now i shall share some great vids with you. Hope you gonna like them.

and here is a good collection of similar vids :

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Did i found Nazia ?

I missed this vid/song but found it again so before it goes away let me share it with you.

I simply love its sweet tunes & more importantly the gul in the vid. Simply love her beauty & romance in eyes.. Look closely & you will feel her drowned into love & almost like a dream date. Notice her lips changing from first-shaky to more confident smile & finally taken ova (apparently). Lucky guy ( at least hypothetically . . lol ). She reminds so much of Nazia Hassan. Why do good people leave us so early i ask ? Wish she could be more eastern in dress. It would be absolutely a blast . Eastern beauty at its best . . but i tell you what, the one she had is ma fav too in Western

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