Few moments with u2

Thanks to Altaf Hussain aka bhai log i couldn’t go home.
The shift ends at 4:00pm but when i reached the bus stop along with SAM, there
was less transport & (office transport is off for Sunday afternoon) all
i could to was to catch a taxi or cab but none was willing to go towards Saddar
or Numaish. One after another MQM ghunda juluus appeared on Shahra-e-Faisal
& by the look of it , none was anyway near to a behaved or civilized group but
what else i should expect from our local politics. There is plenty by Cowasjee,
Javaid Chaudhry, Oriya Maqbol jan & Hassan Nisar about it. Frankly i salute
these journalists on the way they try to take this 
society towards sirat-e-mustaqeem. I salute you guys.So i came back
office while SAM left to his aunty who lives nearby. In order to make up my loss
i referred myself to, you know what i mean. . . . .  

So the evening is going well with u2. I am listening to U2 ZOO TV concert Sydney, 1992.  U2 is my fav band. There songs are the best & the most moving stuff. You cannot sit idle while listening/watching them. Their music & especially the lyrics make you move.  

This whole 1992 ZOO TV concert is probably my best & fav up to date. I was thinking about posting them from YOUTUBE directly but found that not all the ZOO TV videos are there & quality was also an issue. So i shall upload them first myself & will put them here but as i was browsing i came across this “with or without you” remix & i found it bad not to share this good & hard work. A very good remix i must say.  You can download its MP3 as well . For how watch the same but video remix. Here we go  . . .

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