Agar tum mil jaao . . .

After a busy afternoon session I came back to my room, picked CCNA Intro & as i was about to start reading it my ears heard a distant voice . . . . . agar tum mil jaao . . . . i could sense myself zamana chor daingey hum going back in time
2006 . . . . agar tum mil jaao . . . There was a distant songs playing in the background zamana chor daingey hum . She was alone in her room. I could sense her tears flowing in silence, tumhain pa ker zamaney bhar ki khusian chor daingey hum trying hard to convince me on her words or worrying as if i am not aware of her strong emotional attachment. She was half crying & occasionally there was silence in between words trying to gather emotions again. Her sweet & soft voice matching her feelings with the words in the song . . . agar tum mil jaao zamana chor daingey hum. . . . . . . I had no words to reply.

 I just kept silent, uable to decide on if to concentrate on what she was saying or the sweet melody in the background which was slowly winning the battle from her in its display of truly representing her heart. As the song picked up its momentum her voice started loosing its energy allowing more space to the song. I tried my best to concentrate on whatever she was saying but was failing. One because of her invariable defeat & other because it was all too difficult to keep myself in control showing her a brave face & yet listen to her carefully chosen but honest words. There are occasions in life when you don’t wat to hear truth. This was one . . . I finally decided to to shut the phone & the echo’s of the words started engulfing each other & i couldn’t differentiate between what she said & what the song had . . . .

Today after a long time i heard this song again & the haunting memories came back riding to disturb my peace. . . . . 

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