Can i deviate from the original script ?

I couldn’t believe it. It was happening right in front of me. I could somehow deviate from the plan but why I didn’t. I probably have no answer to it.

 Back in/around February I saw dream/dreams. It was either two dreams covering two events or one dream covering both events, I don’t remember.

In first story/dream I saw that I am sitting in TV room and watching Capital Talk. Probably the name of the program isn’t exactly same but I still have a feel of the design set of the program & other such things that are now convincing me that it was CT. I guess I am sure about Aitizaz Ahsan but found hard to recall Wasi Zafar. But importantly the overall situation was same. I remember enjoying it to a great deal with strong arguments & that’s what happened in the program today. As I was watching the program I felt as if I have seen it before but this was not possible but it was coming live, first time today. 

The second is related to the office. I saw that there is a work load that needs to be done with. It’s kind of few small tasks simultaneously. I remember doing some Excel sheet related work & also some work related to an issue somewhere. I also remember few bits& pieces of other things from this story & today when Paul called & told me about the Best Western Governors issue it immediately clicked in my mind as if a pre planned script is running. Soon I recalled the dream but was it possible for me to deviate from the original plan if I wanted to? 

This should be an interesting question considering my dreams showing up as real life events. I shall next time try to see if I can deviate from the original plan.

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