Views on Current Issues

Just finished writing a post at KMB. Frankly that was not what i wanted to post but it was rather a retreat from exploding out my anger at a very low frequency. There were many factors adding into this anger.

Yesterday i read Cowasjee as i usually do & in the evening switched to Meray Mutabiq with Dr Shahid Masood. Honestly after watching it, my impression about ISI & other intelligenc agencies hit its lowest. The way ISI Major was trying to defend himself & indirectly the ISI it was evident that our Army & especially ISI has become a hub of conservative morons. instead of serving national interests in intelligence. Frankly i feel f**ing angered at my tax money being wasted like this. Had this been USA i would sue this bastards Generals in GHQ who are plundering our money like this.

Anyways, yesterday’s part two of the same proved me right. In reply to a question about Army/ISI the major replies that anyone (politician) who will get the strength of the people of Pakistan, the Army would like to bring him down. What this means basically is the Army wants some dumb head morons as PM & President of this nation & follow the GHQ like a dog follow’s its master.

Its useless writing down that interview here so i shall try & see if can get its vid from YOUTUBE. Its all self explanatory.

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