Unlike me

I just made a very serious blunder. Guess what?

I heard the office bell rung & Jamil wasn’t there. I was the nearest so i went only to find a man in mazdoor type look. Labour guys do show up for work sometime & its taken care by Admin/HR here so i went to my department but he followed me & opened my dept. door & started asking for money. He showed a paper requesting money & i without reading it asked him to leave ( so rude ? ). He requested one more time & i told him that we don’t give money to any stranger like this & we have got cameras here.

After he left i felt really bad. I didn’t allow him to speak properly & kicked him like this. It’s not my way, to not listen even if i reject. Damn !!!!! it. Was it because of the frustration or something else ?

It’s unlike me. . .
shame on me seriously . . GOD pardon me . .

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