The Firefox love story

I am one of those lucky FF users who picked it at the earliest. Ever since i started using FF , IE was unknown to me. Why ?, well there is already enough info on it over the web. FF is the King browser for me right now & along with its Add-ons it has become a giant monster that will eat any minor like IE etc. Its simplicity along with functionality & ability to be played with has made it penetrate the market like anything.

You can judge my love for it from the very fact that before i joined this office people here hardly knew it. I guess  it was janii Alizaib apart from me who had any idea on it among colleagues who were her, then. When the very fist day, i installed FF i was asked to remove it. I was told that i cannot install applications apart from an approved list.

What the F*** i said. ” No way !! “. Being an engineer it looked so stupid of the office to teach me what i should have on my OS & what not. But that was about to change very soon . . . .

Courtesy , my evil mind that cannot let anyone dictate me unfairly. So how i developed by-design the love between my company colleagues.

Well i noticed that the concept of documentation & office management doesn’t exist to a great deal here but there was hardly anything i could do about it. Therefore i decided to lead by example & not by order. I put all my stuff in order. All the fav. the links, the contacts the documents in order to make sure i have got all the tools ready , in place & accessible anytime.

Then i had an excel file properly managed & made again which had our client info. I designed my desktop in a way that every file & folder or link was a click away from me. This was just to impress the shif-incharge only. After that i showed then how easy it is to manage links in FF. How to avoid the IE pop-up shit (which is by-default actually in FF), the program error and worst: how to browse fast. It was clear; to me at least that FF had to win. Luckily, Asad & Sameer joined the band wagon along with Alizaib &
zori & the fact that few seniors left office helped me penetrate the FF idea completely, silently & successfully.

Backed by few other steps related to free-hand on installations the FF love story happily goes on in my office now. It is a great change if you consider that you had to request a technician to install an OS for you (technician?? my foot). With extra functionality of adding live Feeds and podcasts along with the add-on it has become even more powerful. It has become a mini world for me itself & out of 100 hours of computer usage probably 80-90 percent of the time i have my FF open for one reason or other. Having a cable net connection helped me too so that information stays one click away. Managing bookmarks was never easy before but FF made my work nothing to worry about.

Here i list few good Add-ons for you. If you use FF do install them. They are a great help.

Cooliris Previews, ScribeFire (previously Performancing) , Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Here is a screenshot of my FF work space. It will clearly give you and Idea about our love.


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