Sindh Government VS Sindh High Court ?

Looks like it will now be MQM+Sindh gov. VS Judiciary now, from the events I see taking shape. First the Sindh CM made a serious blunder by saying he is willing to agree on courts judicial inquiry conditionally. Now who the hell is he to say that?.

If we consider it closely it is actually a serious statement. Is he is trying to convey that he is an angel & the courts have no worth without his approval that only he can inject some purity if he is listened or does he understand our courts need his approval for showing their impartiality? Was he drunk seriously?. As some one rightly said he should be tried for treason. Such filthy mouth are the reason the president is stuck in this issue.

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It is time gov & opposition wear some clothes

A fierce blame-game is following after May 12 massacre especially about judicial inquiry, lately adding to list. Both sides recognizing media’s importance are trying to act innocent. I have followed all channels ever since the day & on all programs/talk shows/debates none of the side is looking into its own collar or feeling itself answerable to its own sins. They show others a mirror instead of directing it towards their own self. The whole world knows it was a fight between two evils, one bigger other lesser in size both in the end disturbing lawyers peaceful rally. Their sin is same. So whom they are trying to fool basically by showing photos in LIVE programs or press conferences?

In a backward society where majority people run with emotions & less with brain the best way to escape justice is to create confusion & that’s exactly what gov & opposition are doing these days. Full marks to them because they both know they are naked & it’s good for them if they escape any inquiry, impartial, ever. I, myself hardly see any point in any inquiry. People who bring academic philosophies about justice forget which country they live in. Justice is a fruit our (especially our politicians & gov) stomach doesn’t posses the ability to digest. Honestly what the inquiry would be about? Didn’t the nation see everything itself? Instead, we should be thankful that it has been only May 12 till yet otherwise the animalistic culture & history or political parties posses you can expect anything from them.

From the very first day vids & footage was available about 12 May massacre but the need was/is to look beyond the apparent as mere video, image or fact hardly tells you the real story. So it’s useless to blame any side just with this.

If this be a progressive society, an independent judicial inquiry could be set up In order to understand what really happened but we know this is not WEST (where any such free-for-terrorist would never occur at first place) & its evident that due to every political party’s involvement (sharing different percentage of blame) its most likely that there wont be any such independent inquiry because its good to close eyes when every one is naked. The best thing to do is to wear some clothes, clean up parties from bad guys & follow the golden rule of live & let Karachiites live, in peace.

So what really happened on 12 May? 

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A page from history on Justice in Islam

Thanks to Adnan for this. He copied its link at one of KMB topics.

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Adobe work

Ever wonder why i left the graphic design part of mine for a professional career ? I didn’t have time to wait to learn. I realised very soon, i have to quit my passion. Anyways.

Let me bring you some great Adobe clips showing Nico Di Mattia’s work

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Dove evolution

Doll Face

A machine with a doll face mimics images on television screen in search of a satisfactory visage. Doll Face presents a visual account of desires misplaced and identities fractured by our technological extension into the future.

Company website :-

16 corore Insanoo

Found this at Adnan’s Blog & decided to share it with you. A short but Inspirational nazum.

16 corore Insanoo
Zindagi se Begano

Ye Milain yeh Jaageerain

Kis ka Khoon peeti hain?

Berekoun mey Ye Fojain

Kis k Paisoun per Palti Hain?

Bolney per pabandi

Sochney per Taazerain

Paun me ghulaami ki, aaj bhee hain Zanjeerain

Aaj hurf-e-Akhir hay,baat chand logoun ki

Uth k Dard Mando key,Subha Shaam Badlo bhe

Dostoun ko pehchano, Dushmano ko Pehchano
16 Corore Insanoo..

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DAWN NEWS channel

Teeth Maestro informs KMB readers that DAWN Group has launched its English News channel & i must say i was eagerly waiting for this day. Why?. Well here is a detail point of view from my side ( i copied this to his KMB post as well).

Its great to see media in Pakistan establishing itself as the sole (almost 100%) and true (60-75%) representative of the people of Pakistan. Its such a shame that media is representing Pakistan for the outer world & not the political parties. Well, frankly they only representing what they are made of i.e voilence, corruption, chaos, disloyality etc

Its also great to see that amid all darkness around, media is the dim hope in between. Will all the restrictions & pressure from gov & military, they are, at their positions trying best to serve the cause of true spirit of freedom of speech. There are short comings obviously but we are happy to ignore them for following reasons:-

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Pakistan’s Hero : A case of shame for whole nation

I am not sure why i am posting this at my blog. Am i trying to distance myself from people around me or i am acting like i am different from them or because i am helpless at not being able to do anything for Faiz-ur-Rehman.

As it always does. JC’s this column really shocked & moved me at the level of decline we have touched as a nation. And out of 160million a drop of the responsibility lies on my shoulders too.

One column for Fazl-ur-Rehman

God resigns

(All credits : Amit Varma )A version of this piece was published today as the 15th installment of my weekly column for Mint, Thinking it Through.

This is the text of God’s resignation letter, which has been leaked
to us by highly placed sources. The author wasn’t available for comment
when we tried calling. If anyone would like to fill the vacancy, please
write in to invisible@pinkunicorn.god.

Dear Humans

This is to inform you that I quit. I have enjoyed being God for an
eternity now – thank you for the opportunity – but I cannot bear the
thought of going on and on like this. Enough is enough. I have informed
my angels of my impending resignation, though I didn’t expect them to
rush off to buy horns and black clothing right away. This Sunday will
be my last day in office, after which I intend to spend some time with
my family. (Ok, I’m kidding about the family. Heh.)

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12 Million Hijacked for One Man’s Ego, An open letter to Karachiites

Dear History,

Today, midnight May 11/12, 2007 you be the witness to my City’s Hijack & I hold you witness to one of the blackest days in my dear city’s history. As I write this, on my way towards home after office hours I see my Karachi is being hijacked. No more I see smiling faces on streets. No more I see the lights in their full brightness. The shops closed. I see a strange fear looming at everyone’s face. Is it a doomsday tomorrow or what? What’s going on in my city? We had to take the same route that we took yesterday but our driver tells us that it’s been fortified by a party completely.

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A wolf among donkeys will always be the KING

Analyzing the method
behind the madness in Karachi

Part – 1

Whether or not the final score goesagainst Musharraf or CJP, The possible clash tomorrow & if continued in coming weeks will make sure the President stays in power forever fooling all players,including lawyers, MQM, opposition & definitely the civil society. The Sindhgovernment & the MQM especially are, in their lust for power & show of loyalty,they are being trapped expertly by Musharraf. You will come to know how surely i say this.

This is part-1 which gives a broader perspective & the method behind the apparent madness by different parties. When the CJP issued started everyone said, in this game there is no winner but being the smartest & all praises to Arbab & MQM , Mr. Musharraf is smartly turning this into come-what-may,  I-shall-be-the-winner situation for him. Also praises to our enlightened educated who keep on approving his EVILS because they are too blind to see & sincere with country to find alternatives.

Part-2 is basically an advice to MQM on how they can benefit from this crisis if they use their heads properly. It will also elaborate why I believe Musharraf is one of the most intelligent & evilest of dictators Pakistan will ever see in centuries. But before we continue lets separate facts from analysis first.

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Why people of Thar love President Musharraf so much?

Speaking at a large public julsa in Sindh recently, the president gave an un-imaginable list of WE-WILL-DO list to the people of Thar. After noting 15 big projects I decided to quit because I felt he was leaving Sheikh Chilli behind & if these come out true Thar should hopefully leave London & Paris behind.

One statement that made me turn off TV was when he told the Thar people that hum yahan gaaoun gaaoun mai bijli laaingey. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry. Had it been Karachi, people would have made him run for his life. But I guess the people of thar who can barely understand proper Urdu, & for whom the president used some 7-10% hi-fi

English this was the opportunity to listen to what he has for them. People who have been run as cattle all their lives by local wadera’s, this was irrelevant. So what was it that brought/bought them here? Why they had gathered in large numbers there?. While BBC Urdu clearly explained how the MACHO GOVERNMENT used our free-to-abuse resources to mange such a large gathering I shall in a simple way & to the point as to they had gathered in large numbers there?

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Can i sleep in peace?

Found this during a search & i was just wondering if i can go back in time, steal some moments from history & spend some peaceful moments. But why did i search it at first?. Probably an acceptance of a defeat, a low level desire of dreaming something that you wont have. Or just an emotional anger coming out in an encrypted way. Any disclosure will sure ruin the beauty of this pic & the only hint for now is if you could see . . . . .  the hands.

Credit: Shutterblog

CIA : Delude, Divide, Destroy

Shocking real tales about The CIA

 Loose Change 9/11 documentary part 1

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History Of Hacking

An excellent DISCOVERY CHANNEL documentary about hacking (6 videos)

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We all need a good laugh

Loads of thanks to SAM for sharing this . . .

Did I read that sign right?

In a Laundromat:

In a London department store:

In an office:

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The fastest thing ever

Again thanks AS for sharing this

An office manager was given the task of hiring an individual to fill a job
opening. After sorting through a stack of resumes he found four people who
were equally qualified.He decided to call the four in and ask them only one question.Their answer would determine which of them would get the job.
The day came and as the four sat around the conference room table the
interviewer asked : What is the fastest thing you know of ? 

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I am desperate to laugh

After yesterday’s late night toture & stress i was desperate to laugh. AS shared this & so do i with you 

 1 Day santa n banta were standing at 50th floor of a building.
A man told santa ur son is dead!!!!!!!!
Hearing this sardar gi jumped from 50th floor
At 35th he realise i dont have a son
At 20th he realise i am not married
At 3rd he realise “oh shit” ,,, i am banta.

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