A wolf among donkeys will always be the KING

Analyzing the method
behind the madness in Karachi

Part – 1

Whether or not the final score goesagainst Musharraf or CJP, The possible clash tomorrow & if continued in coming weeks will make sure the President stays in power forever fooling all players,including lawyers, MQM, opposition & definitely the civil society. The Sindhgovernment & the MQM especially are, in their lust for power & show of loyalty,they are being trapped expertly by Musharraf. You will come to know how surely i say this.

This is part-1 which gives a broader perspective & the method behind the apparent madness by different parties. When the CJP issued started everyone said, in this game there is no winner but being the smartest & all praises to Arbab & MQM , Mr. Musharraf is smartly turning this into come-what-may,  I-shall-be-the-winner situation for him. Also praises to our enlightened educated who keep on approving his EVILS because they are too blind to see & sincere with country to find alternatives.

Part-2 is basically an advice to MQM on how they can benefit from this crisis if they use their heads properly. It will also elaborate why I believe Musharraf is one of the most intelligent & evilest of dictators Pakistan will ever see in centuries. But before we continue lets separate facts from analysis first.

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Why people of Thar love President Musharraf so much?

Speaking at a large public julsa in Sindh recently, the president gave an un-imaginable list of WE-WILL-DO list to the people of Thar. After noting 15 big projects I decided to quit because I felt he was leaving Sheikh Chilli behind & if these come out true Thar should hopefully leave London & Paris behind.

One statement that made me turn off TV was when he told the Thar people that hum yahan gaaoun gaaoun mai bijli laaingey. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry. Had it been Karachi, people would have made him run for his life. But I guess the people of thar who can barely understand proper Urdu, & for whom the president used some 7-10% hi-fi

English this was the opportunity to listen to what he has for them. People who have been run as cattle all their lives by local wadera’s, this was irrelevant. So what was it that brought/bought them here? Why they had gathered in large numbers there?. While BBC Urdu clearly explained how the MACHO GOVERNMENT used our free-to-abuse resources to mange such a large gathering I shall in a simple way & to the point as to they had gathered in large numbers there?

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