Why people of Thar love President Musharraf so much?

Speaking at a large public julsa in Sindh recently, the president gave an un-imaginable list of WE-WILL-DO list to the people of Thar. After noting 15 big projects I decided to quit because I felt he was leaving Sheikh Chilli behind & if these come out true Thar should hopefully leave London & Paris behind.

One statement that made me turn off TV was when he told the Thar people that hum yahan gaaoun gaaoun mai bijli laaingey. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry. Had it been Karachi, people would have made him run for his life. But I guess the people of thar who can barely understand proper Urdu, & for whom the president used some 7-10% hi-fi

English this was the opportunity to listen to what he has for them. People who have been run as cattle all their lives by local wadera’s, this was irrelevant. So what was it that brought/bought them here? Why they had gathered in large numbers there?. While BBC Urdu clearly explained how the MACHO GOVERNMENT used our free-to-abuse resources to mange such a large gathering I shall in a simple way & to the point as to they had gathered in large numbers there?

My friend ASAD, tells me that back in late 80’s when Benazir was visiting an area near NWFP. She was very surprised to know that a large gathering had come to attend her julsa & she should have been because even her face was new to Pakistani politics. It was indeed a surprise for the journalist too. For Benazir it was because the public loved & respected her. Someone from the elders, after much confusion decided to ask the people if they all came to see Benazir & attend her julsa. Someone clarified it all: “These poor people, what they know about politics. They have all come to see what a helicopter looks like” pointing towards the standing heli nearby.

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  1. It is nonsence, people of Thar never loved Musharraf rather they were forced to love the retired general in exchange of hollow assurance for providing drinking water to them.

    Love is never publicised through rusted state-machinery like Director General Public Relations or Press Information Department (PID).

    It is only Benazir Bhutto and her party which will ever remain in the hearts of the masses, although one of the former generals Zia-ul-haq was dissolved in mid air who hanged Z.A. Bhutto.

    History repeats itself, now the retired general should be ready to face music of helping Taliban to assassinate Benazir Bhutto.

    None, other than me, knows what is happening in Presidency at the moment. The general is now finding false pretext by involving United States in the assissination of the former prime minister, like Zia implicated US in the hanging of Z.A. Bhutto.

    It is my personal opinion, that being one of the world’s super power United States has some many other important works to do than to engage in dirty tricks like forcing people of “Thar” to love
    “Musharraf” forcibly for nothing.

    I am confident Mr. Hameed Haroon will dare to print some of my thoughts and will keep up with the traditions of family to go ahead with “truth”.

    Afzal Khan

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