12 Million Hijacked for One Man’s Ego, An open letter to Karachiites

Dear History,

Today, midnight May 11/12, 2007 you be the witness to my City’s Hijack & I hold you witness to one of the blackest days in my dear city’s history. As I write this, on my way towards home after office hours I see my Karachi is being hijacked. No more I see smiling faces on streets. No more I see the lights in their full brightness. The shops closed. I see a strange fear looming at everyone’s face. Is it a doomsday tomorrow or what? What’s going on in my city? We had to take the same route that we took yesterday but our driver tells us that it’s been fortified by a party completely.

Dear History, I see that my driver, who himself is a ruling party supporter, is fearful. His family waiting for him anxiously so could take us at our destinations before he joins them. I see that his dark but cute face & young blood that always talks, smiles & jokes around on our journey is silent. I see his perspiration. I see his eyes opened a bit more wide today, just in case something happen. I see that on our way the road was blocked on Dunkin Donut. I could see that it was official because traffic cops were handling it all & there were cops & traffic van too. We change our route towards Jail Chowrangi. Near Bahadurabad road I see a wedding car littered with lights. But something is wrong here, my heart tells me. Luckily the signal closes & now I know what’s wrong. There are no smiles on the people’s/family faces for the lucky bride & groom. I don’t see anyone smiling, kids running here & there & I don’t hear any wedding music hitting my ears.

Who is responsible for the death of this city’s charm & beautiful nights? I see that our van being driven above normal speed. But before I could figure out I see others are moving faster than us. It is clear to me why everyone is running away from streets. I live near Mazar-e-Quaid but as we reach near Gurumandar I see nearby lanes blocked officially. I wonder how the local area people will reach their own home.

Dear history I fear a bad day ahead & see many things on my way, not a single one good for you. Even the traffic constable is not happy today. I clearly see the fear in his eyes. He has no option. He is a father/brother/son of someone from my own city. He may be dishonest but tell me if this is justice with his wrong doings? Tell me if his life being put in threat like this under official terror is fair deal?

Dear history when we were crossing/cutting near Gurumandar I saw a scene that made me think even more about writing this to you. I saw that a mad guy (in his 20’s) is standing along a traffic wala & mimicking his actions. Tell me dear history, who is more beneficial to this city?, this mad guy standing barefoot on a chowk directing traffic or attempting to do so & probably giving company to that lonely fellow or those who are all with their senses & yet stay silent on one pretext or other or those parties who use my brothers & sisters for their evil designs. Those who themselves are becoming puppets in the hands of a regime that is as cruel as there were before it.

I ask you, what is wrong with my fellows in Karachi. How easily 12 million Karachiites have been hijacked to satisfy one man’s Ego in capital, who wants power & only power at any cost. How easily they are allowing him to do this.How ironic it is that those in my country who were supposed to revolt against any dictator have stood by his side under the banner of Enlightened Moderation.

One man is playing with 12 million people’s destiny for his ego. Could any day ever be darker than this? You often used to ask me why I hate (read criticize) the educated, here is your answer. These educated are the ones who as ARB usually say are the most munafiq people in this country. Because they choose to be silent when they are suppose to to stand up, at least verbally. They were the ones who gave him this license 7 years ago to take over the constitution using the pretext of Doctrine of Necessity. These are the ones who never get tire chanting his enlightenment slogans. These educated are the most munafiq in my view. Because they remained, remain, will remain silent when the majority poor, poverty stricken souls look at them with hope as if they ask WHEN WILL YOU STAND UP FOR ME.

They are the ones who turn a blind eye towards the rest of uneducated & join hands with establishment. They shy away when constitution gets raped; they disappear when one man takes over whole nation using force. These educated are the ones who after getting bored with the one in power cry about democracy & rule of law. They are the ones who allow a terrorist party to win elections in my city, favor it just for the sake of it or because they belong to a particular ethnic side.

And then in their drawing rooms, on dinner they talk about democracy. They never get tired about quoting Quaid speeches. They are the most hypocrites who come on TV & RADIO these days & teach us enlightenment. A young radio jockey (who hosts Shair Online on GEO) who gives the whole nation lengthy speeches about law & ethics started licking the president’s boots when he delivered the speech in Convention Center Islamabad.

On any given day when my nation calls them, they show both their ass & back towards it & chant “He is better than others” slogan, day & night. They are the ones responsible for my city’s hijack, for that traffic cop fear, for the damage that will occur in coming days to my city.

As I read through KMB comments I feel it difficult to digest that this same educated lot supports a terrorist group called MQM because apprently it comes from middle class or an all evil creator ISI or the self proclaimed religious theykedaar’s. Do they know that the German Hitler headed a leftist party & was more famous & won more votes than this party does. It makes me baffeled to hear that this party even qualifies to talk about enligentenment whose leadership fools its supporters with beautiful slogans like “hum jageerdarana or wadeyrana nizaam ke khilaaf hain”. Do they even know their own style perfectly matches a jageerdana/wadeyrana style added with a touch of terrorism & intolerence?. Its this majority educated who get easily fooled by these slogans which baffles me. The rest of other parties dont even deserve a mentioning.

I see them all & then I think about that abnormal guy at chowrangi directing traffic & I ask who is more meaningful & beneficial to my city. Who is in fact more normal?

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10 Responses

  1. MQM and Musharraf are not solely responsible for this situation. Although it is true that Musharraf apparently initiated the chain reaction however I personally feel that there is a lot to it going behind the scenes. Pakistan is going to have very important role in geo-political scenario of near future so various forces are trying to influence us before that, trying to further penetrate in our society and trying to win as much pawns as possible, in this grate game of lust and deceit.

    Also, we are all responsible for this current state of chaos, directly or indirectly. We are all silent spectators to the corruption and injustice going around us. I agree that it is hard to stop it by hand or speak up against it but now it is not difficult to protest through the internet. However, how many of us have used this medium? How many of us have sent letters to editors or done something similar to register our protest? Also, how many of us seriously thought and acted to do our bit in improvement of the situation? It is very easy to sit in respective comfort zones and criticize all and sundry but how many of us actually DID something?

  2. […] the time being though, it appears that it has badly miscalculated. Last week it forced cable operators off the air in order to prevent them from broadcasting live […]

  3. Nice blog. I wish I could have chanced upon it in happier times.

  4. As I wrote at ATP, I’d copy the same here:
    While I didn’t hope more sensible reaction from the current regime on the issue of security what I am truly appalled is by the complacency (or dheet pan) of Karachiites and their utterly irrational refusal to accept change in their lives by allowing a truly ignorant and goddamn vagabond aka Altaf hussain’s ghundas roam at their will and damage the very fabric of social, civic and economic lives of this city which boasts the highest generating revenue compared with the whole country.

    I am saddened by the realization of Karachiites’ dilemma: Urdu speaking have no other voice but Altaf Hussain so let’s stick to him (however bad he might be).

    As for the police and government, it was predictable and shameful behavior nonetheless. However, had there been no friggin’ MQM, the city could have been more at peace. I wonder despite the many great things about this city, what is the average IQ of an average Karachiite. I mean, for god’s sake, this is your very own friggin’ city. Governments will come, and governments will fall. But what legacy as a civil society do WE leave behind us?

    The moral fibre of this society has weakened to such a state that I could have no possible hope from any area but from those who remain silent and yet are capable of a lot more than what they think of themselves.

  5. it was sad day and karachites indeed stay hijacked 😦

  6. Those hijackers will soon reap the crop of their evild deeds.

  7. What happened to the Journalists at GEO
    It seems like along Karachi, GEO is also hijacked. or is it the Govt ads money thats keeping them ‘plitically correct’ and not speaking out the truth.

    I would stop watching GEO from now on.
    Aaj, here I come.

  8. Did you guys notice that the pattren of mayhem is a replica of what happened in Indian Gujrat in 2002. The Rouge millitants beloning to Governemnt party were spraying bullets on the innocent citizens of oppsition. And law enforcemnt agencies were not only dumb but also were providing them cover. Media was targeted for its sin of emiting truth, Government party militants blocked the way to airport with utmost biligerancy. Enough is Enough we are required to risist MQM’s capacity to make the city its hostage when it requires. If we truly love city we should strive for this objective in our spheres of action. Otherwise Fashism is set to take as many lives as many it can. We have seen its trailer when it unleashed its ugly impact on city on 5/12
    let us strive to stop the screening of whole film. May God Peace prevail on our city.

  9. Whatever happened in Karachi is bad and deplorable.Karachi was famous ” City Of Lights” but MQM’s notorious leader has destroyed the beauty of Karachi as well as moral values of innocent people of Karachi. People of Karachi are known friendly and mostly highly educated, I dont know why they support cruel Altaf Hussain.They should use thier own brains and they should realise now that he canot and willnot make any sincere effort to bring peace and harmony in Karachi. He is exiled because he killed innocent people like Saddam Hussain he desrives his end.
    Allah Bless Karachi and Pakistan

  10. Whatever happened in Karachi is bad and deplorable.Karachi was famous ” City Of Lights” but MQM’s notorious leader has destroyed the beauty of Karachi as well as moral values of innocent people of Karachi. People of Karachi are known friendly and mostly highly educated, I dont know why they support cruel Altaf Hussain.They should use thier own brains and they should realise now that he canot and willnot make any sincere effort to bring peace and harmony in Karachi. He is exiled because he killed innocent people like Saddam Hussain he desrives his end.I agree with Kashif, we should stand up and speak truth joining hangs together without any prejudice or hatered to make Pakistan a peaceful state. We are in a process to make a website to creat awareness amonungst people of Pakistan and to show them true picture of Pakistani Politicians and beaurocrates. anyone willing to joing us, plz send messages on rulingstar1@yahoo.com.
    Allah Bless Karachi and Pakistan.

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