Pakistan’s Hero : A case of shame for whole nation

I am not sure why i am posting this at my blog. Am i trying to distance myself from people around me or i am acting like i am different from them or because i am helpless at not being able to do anything for Faiz-ur-Rehman.

As it always does. JC’s this column really shocked & moved me at the level of decline we have touched as a nation. And out of 160million a drop of the responsibility lies on my shoulders too.

One column for Fazl-ur-Rehman

One Response

  1. First of all please at least correct his name its Faiz-ur-Rehman not Fazl-ur-Rehman (who at least in my books) is not a hero.
    The column is heart breaking. I liked it.
    And like all other my country men I have no shame while saying this that I cannot do anything for Faiz-ur-Rehman or his family. A few moments of grief , one or two tears and thats all.

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