It is time gov & opposition wear some clothes

A fierce blame-game is following after May 12 massacre especially about judicial inquiry, lately adding to list. Both sides recognizing media’s importance are trying to act innocent. I have followed all channels ever since the day & on all programs/talk shows/debates none of the side is looking into its own collar or feeling itself answerable to its own sins. They show others a mirror instead of directing it towards their own self. The whole world knows it was a fight between two evils, one bigger other lesser in size both in the end disturbing lawyers peaceful rally. Their sin is same. So whom they are trying to fool basically by showing photos in LIVE programs or press conferences?

In a backward society where majority people run with emotions & less with brain the best way to escape justice is to create confusion & that’s exactly what gov & opposition are doing these days. Full marks to them because they both know they are naked & it’s good for them if they escape any inquiry, impartial, ever. I, myself hardly see any point in any inquiry. People who bring academic philosophies about justice forget which country they live in. Justice is a fruit our (especially our politicians & gov) stomach doesn’t posses the ability to digest. Honestly what the inquiry would be about? Didn’t the nation see everything itself? Instead, we should be thankful that it has been only May 12 till yet otherwise the animalistic culture & history or political parties posses you can expect anything from them.

From the very first day vids & footage was available about 12 May massacre but the need was/is to look beyond the apparent as mere video, image or fact hardly tells you the real story. So it’s useless to blame any side just with this.

If this be a progressive society, an independent judicial inquiry could be set up In order to understand what really happened but we know this is not WEST (where any such free-for-terrorist would never occur at first place) & its evident that due to every political party’s involvement (sharing different percentage of blame) its most likely that there wont be any such independent inquiry because its good to close eyes when every one is naked. The best thing to do is to wear some clothes, clean up parties from bad guys & follow the golden rule of live & let Karachiites live, in peace.

So what really happened on 12 May? 

From all I could gather (news, images, vids, links, discussions, few who saw it happened) here is what has happened.

Someone from capital decided to disturb lawyers rally for any reasons. The unfortunate choice was MQM. As per Hamid Mir, few sensible fellows from MQM decided not to be part of this plan as people were positive about MQM due to some development work in Karachi. Also, in the past MQM was used/misused with/without its will to be a part of
games in Islamabad ending in giving a bad name. But somehow it was convinced that the whole government machinery is behind them & they were given heavy doses of JOSH & JAZBA and assured of all support.

This party decided to not let succeed the lawyers rally at any cost. Its workers were told they can go enjoy the pasture all day till 4:00pm evening & return to barracks. To make sure everything goes as planned Police, as we now know & copies available to media were given hockey to counter the latest arms & ammunition. Our police already pissed off at the respect given to it (junior & below levels mostly sipaahi bhai) thought why they be the goat between tigers.

So hundreds of terrorist were told it’s their independence day & they just have to make sure a rally never reach its destination. The administration was told to fully abide the terrorist motives with all the roads already blocked already.

Sensing a serious betrayal by police & rangers the opposition recognized very late that they have been dodged. While they might have slept they were no short of their own ever ready terrorist. Around 4:00 in the eve it was clear to them that if they can’t be protected, they cannot be arrested too, therefore they showed up their brigade of criminals on roads. The result is known to all.

So my question is what both parties are trying to prove from their videos & photos & conferences & speeches. It’s just like Hitler & Saddam arguing on who is more an evil. Obviously because one is in government so he had to have more men, ammunition & terror which unlucky for it that media captured. They will be careful next time. The other party if it gets into power later fully posses the same capability, we are in no way mistaken by their less-activity in this sin.

During a debate a participant asked the following question from president Musharraf & anyone who advocates the general is free to answer it. I add my own part in it.

He said: the unfortunate events started from 12:00 afternoon (though it had already started on 11 May midnight when two were killed) & it went on till night that day.

The president is a father figure of whole nation. While president was watching his songs being brutally killed on streets for whole day what was stopping him from picking up the phone, call Sindh CM & governor & ask what the hell is going on in Karachi, from calling Cor-Commander & ask him if his good ass is comfortable seeing nation’s son butchered like this & instead of watching a porn movie ( i like this sentence uttered by my friend ARB over the phone, fits the CC well) get his b*** ready & do something immediately.

He didn’t waste a minute appearing on GEO to apologize when his ever-ready-for-evil-work Punjab police attacked the TV station. What he was doing during all this period?

It was crystal clear, that his own evil design had gone out of hand, that’s what that moron was thinking during that period.

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  1. Whatever happened in Karachi is bad and deplorable.Karachi was famous ” City Of Lights” but MQM’s notorious leader has destroyed the beauty of Karachi as well as moral values of innocent people of Karachi. People of Karachi are known friendly and mostly highly educated, I dont know why they support cruel Altaf Hussain.They should use thier own brains and they should realise now that he canot and willnot make any sincere effort to bring peace and harmony in Karachi. He is exiled because he killed innocent people like Saddam Hussain he desrives his end.I agree with Kashif, we should stand up and speak truth joining hangs together without any prejudice or hatered to make Pakistan a peaceful state. We are in a process to make a website to creat awareness amonungst people of Pakistan and to show them true picture of Pakistani Politicians and beaurocrates. anyone willing to joing us, plz send messages on
    Allah Bless Karachi and Pakistan.

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