Sindh Government VS Sindh High Court ?

Looks like it will now be MQM+Sindh gov. VS Judiciary now, from the events I see taking shape. First the Sindh CM made a serious blunder by saying he is willing to agree on courts judicial inquiry conditionally. Now who the hell is he to say that?.

If we consider it closely it is actually a serious statement. Is he is trying to convey that he is an angel & the courts have no worth without his approval that only he can inject some purity if he is listened or does he understand our courts need his approval for showing their impartiality? Was he drunk seriously?. As some one rightly said he should be tried for treason. Such filthy mouth are the reason the president is stuck in this issue.

But here is the news that made my day today. CJ Sindh High Court showed a big thainga (the Thumb’s down version in urdu) to Sindh governor when apparently he tried to start/discuss/offer apology on May 12 incident. CJ stopped him immediately & reminded that nothing can be said on it as it’s before a full court already. As the governor had joined the meeting only for the said purpose he, in the end had to leave the meeting within moments after the humiliation he met by Sindh CJ’s.Whether or not if there will be any outcome of the inquiry on May 12, the judges should show their authority on all people even if they are a governor or even president & looks like Justice Sabeehuddin sow the first fruits on this. Instead of allowing him to comment he was asked to stay away from any remark which forced the governor to leave almost immediately because his prime motive to be there died its good death which was obviously to pressure the judiciary on May 12 incident.

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