“I want to experience the storm”

It was kind of unplanned but exciting day that started off with a shout, who else but sister. Ahh!! so i had to drop her by . . . . . the usual crap. Came back and got fuckingly screwed up all day due to the form submission. Ahh!! its a big deal filling a form, attaching documents and having copies & getting 4 photo’s because this 21st century city doesn’t even have the 20th century luxury known as electricity. Poor residents at the backside of Sharah-e-Faisal, i felt really bad for their misery. Such a storm & they are lying naked under dark sky with electric wires running overheard everywhere. . . . .

Anyways so i reached office & soon i was into excitement as it was another stormy day in the making. Light drizzling started & later turned into proper rain. Adeel , my senior asked me to check out the corridor outside office & the cold air blow suddenly threw me into a strange familiar feeling. It was like a movie scene , darkness all around. I could hear the air making strange noises in the corridor. Far, far way in the wilderness i could see dark, apparently silent sky hurling stones from past into my mind. I tried hard to divert my attention somewhere else but after entering office & moreover when i saw the shift change form ( we needed to mention the reason about why we want to change the shift & on that day we knew Karachi will have storm in evening) so something , though jokingly came out of my mouth that defeated any of the little hope of holding emotions that i experienced in corridor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Follow up – CJP Case

Lately I realized that not only the quality of BBC Urdu site has improved considerable but its objectivity has improved remarkably. The articles, the info is excellent. I also realized that the CJP case is being followed by BBC with great interest and the coverage is excellent. I decided to follow it on daily basis. This case, if you follow the links is sure not only important but interesting as well. The level of arguments has indeed has a standard.

Full Coverage:


Daily Coverage

June 20, 2007 :




June 21, 2007 :







Experts disclose the secret behind load shedding

Got this one through email from Urooj Zia & she got it from Lahore metblog.

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A Historic day and a Historic picture

Whether or not CJP wins or nation sees itself free from the clutches of Military Incorporated but this picture sure will go down in history as a sign of defiance & growing anger among nation against the Generals who are now less defending borders & more acting like a parasite on resources, acting like a political party & considering themselves above all. Its high time we remind the ARMY that gatekeepers, when they decided to take over a home are thrown out of the job. Either generals stay in their limits else be ready to be kicked out. This picture reminded me of Faiz’s “hum daikhaingey”.

From BBC website dated 17th June, 2007 in

“Chief Justice journey to Faisalabad”

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KESC – Who did the magic ?

I just called in from office at home for some personal work & found out; to my amazement that electricity was still on, which basically meant 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply? Wow, this is unbelievable. This can possibly be breaking news on GEO or AAJ & a KESC world record for summer in Karachi.

But hey, hang on. I do know about a posh & special creature’s area ( the area near Cor-Commander & governor house ka addah) that has this facility forever. Ahh!! Poor me, I could send this to the press.

But anyways, who cares. It’s a big day. This surely is some magic I guess or am I dreaming? Hang on let me ask my peon to give me a chutki.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 minutes break !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some good men – Glimmer of hope

Pervaiz Munir Alvi covers a personal story on ATP that is not only inspirational but sets an example to whose who can if they have will to serve their motherland. These are the people on whom the nation depend more than any other right now. Glimmer of hope still persist when you hear such stories.

Majority of us due to understood reasons engage ourselves in family & related matters after entering professional career. But its few who do care about their roots & most importantly share their part of success with others & in this way not only spread their share of welfare but they roll a tyre that will only bring good for its beneficiaries. Any one beneficiary from that welfare can then in turn roll a new one.

Read the full story

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Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies : Noam Chomsky

Was very busy with shift when during a search i cam across this Noam Chomsky classic. Couldn’t resist reading it. What a man!! what thoughts, what intellect. I wish we in Pakistan could have such men.


Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies

An interview with Noam Chomsky 

By David Barsamian

Noam Chomsky, long-time political activist, writer, and professor of linguistics at IT, is the author of numerous books and articles on U.S. foreign policy, international affairs, and human rights. Among his many books are World Orders Old and NewClass Warfare, and Powers and Prospects. Among his latest books are The Common Good and The New Military Humanism.
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