KESC & ARB’s predictions

I met ARB this Thursday. Actually there was no electricity in the morning & i left for UNI center but when i came back i was told that it came but it went again. I was so pissed off that i decided to leave & meet my prediction guru, ARB.

The discussion included KESC for known reasons. “saain mai aap ko aik lash heez dikhata hun” he said. I, confused at what he is talking about didn’t say much but he continued “aap ka dil khush hojaiga ye daikh ker ki hamari afsar shahi or gov awaam ka kis tarah R***ker rahi hai“. I knew his sharp knife-like sarcastic style so I smiled. We went outside. On our way he points out street lights, well lit up during day. “ or kitni khushi ho rahi hogi aap ko ye jaan ker ki baqi public ro rahi hai or ye har** aayyashion mei lagey huey hain” pointing his fingers towards governor house. I also  remember that last week had he told me about how public money was plundered mercilessly by our hukumraan. He told me about the new AC’s that were ordered & the way electricity, water & other resources were being wasted in governor house. “ye G** ke bachay poori qom ko TV per bijli  bachaney ka kehtay hain or khud * * * * , while he was busy cursing his own local-brothers my mind went back to what he had said last summer. I reminded him about it . “saain befiker rahain, ye 3050 tak theek nai honey wala ab, es parasite-gang (Generals + Bureaucracy + politicians, in his lingo) se agar jaan na chuti toh”.  I did’t reply as i was busy remembering his words last year . . . .

Summer 2006, KESC official Syed Sultan Hassan comes on TV & on a question regarding public anger on load shedding he request they be spared this time. They are working hard & promise that next year (2007) there won’t be an issue. I asked ARB who was with me then to comment. He lashed out immediately “saain aap paper or pen laao, mei likh ker deta hun aap ko , next year es se bhi bura haal hoga or next year kia next 5 year tak ye KESC theek nahi honey waala, or es ki waja mai aap ko baad mai batounga but jis tarah KESC awaam ka R*** ker rahi hai na aap soch nahi saktey , aap zara meray area aao mai aap ko dikhata hun ki awaam ka balathkaar kaisey ho raha hai officially”.

I asked him his views on Frank Scherschmidt, CEO KESC & he in his typical style says “yaar es se bada gadha mai ne nahi daikha, kin janwarun ke beech es ko kaam kerna parayga”. I told him that he has vast experience in Siemens & he may have some solutions for KESC “yaar ghaas khaney waali qoam ko roti or salun khila raha hai, shart lagao ye es ko bhaga ker hee rahaingey, es jaisey shareef log nahi chal saktey KESC mai”. “magar kion, technical issues toh solve ker hee lega na yaar” I protested. “There is no technical issue here man, it’s purely a matter of honesty & sincerity to serve people jo es badnaseeb qoam ke ghatia officers ko chu ker bhi nai guzri. Electricity shortage kia Mars per hui hai ab tak?, ye konsa aisa masla hai jo hal nahi hosakta asaani se. Saari bat niyyat ki hai. Awaam jaai tail leney, en ko sirf apni ayyashion ki fiker hai, he said loudly. Or ye German gadha he is such a dumb ass that he went to a local town, to meet those people who were using kunda. Wo apna laptop le ker gaya vahan., presentation deney, un logun ko jin ke baap neb hi kabhi computer ka naam na suna ho, saray chor ke bachay. He was trying to convince them to get proper connections but saain aap ko pata hai na ki kis ki hukumat hai. Unhun ne bhaga dia usko vahan se, ab ye toh haal hai. His lectures won’t simply work man. You bet he won’t be here in 2007.

I knew his prediction-history so kept myself safe by not challenging his  words. But i was sure concern that there is no hope for now (or next 5 years as per ARB). Later we came to know that not only what he said was right but he was saying it due to some reason. In a detail discussion later on told me that he met some KESC guys & the inside story they potrayed was horrible. 

The summary was that not only that the KESC senior officers are fully raping (ARB’s fav word) KESC resources but have shut their eyes from the miseries of their lower staff. Looks like as it’s with every issue, until the PM or President do something it it will get worse. The lower staff is forced to be corrupt. There has been no hiring for last 12 years. Majority is on contract. They are not given proper facilities. They have no hope & no desire to do their work. So the result had to be something worrisome which is why they have found a short cut.They are selling KESC cables, lines small equipment .And their immediate seniors know this but they say its “their right”. They are all pissed off at the top-level officials who are deaf & dumb at what’s going on below as they themselves are happy plundering rest of the nation.

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