A Chicken Broast Piece on II Chundrigar Road

Its been a tough day today. Due to a series of unfortunate events i had to reach UNI CENTER & the first jihad i did was to find out where to park. Anyways, i hurriedly finished my work, met Rauf, left UNI with my new HDD. Proud at what i got for the previous shit (same 320GB hard disk but a 2 numberi one) i immediately left & as i had to reach office too but when i turned towards IIC i saw the traffic halted far ahead. Slowly i joined the party. I thought it s going to take 5-10 or max 15 min but what followed later is the reason why i have this name for the post.

Initially i didn’t know whats stopping the traffic from moving but i knew there is some construction going on but i didn’t know it will turn out to be this horrible that i will do a tobah for next time. Anyways, in the beginning i looked here & there to see if it will be difficult continuing as i saw a Corolla & Suzuki taking a U-Turn. I could sense that i am in for a treat. I immediately turn on the AC & send an SMS to TM & inform him about traffic jam so in case others plan moving through IIC, they consider other options.

TM replied few times in his usual cunning style (look up , the KMB heli LOLZZ). Few of those SMS messages are already in KMB post. The heat & humidity was becoming unbearable even with AC & soon a fight broke out between AC & the Nuclear Heat radiating form different sides inside car. The battle went on unstopped for an hour before i intervened & turn off the AC. I felt like converting into a roast/toast/broast something. The slowness of the traffic could be judged from the fact that i stopped the car completely few times as i knew i can hardly move an inch for a long time.

The public got impatient & few came out to see what in the world is stopping the whole traffic. The foot path had now become bike wala’s NO-GO area & pedestrians were getting irritated too. A rickshaw wala at my right came out too & in order to not to be bored i started a chit-chat with him. In his rickshaw an apparently pathan women was with a 8 odd years old kid. The kid was very cute & beautiful & he was sleeping, unaware of all the dust, noise, heat & humidity. I was worried about the sun hitting hard on his skin.

(Full Image here)

Traffic was in four lanes on my road (IIC itself). One lane from left side (traffic from DJ College side) had its own pressure while the one from PIDC had little traffic as it was blocked (showing in yellow) but even then few would pass it  making things more difficult for the coming traffic from our side. Now what was happening was this. The blue area is the one dug up all making room for only one vehicle (shown as small yellow passage) at one time & everyone knows the pressure that would have been coming from back side. Since only one vehicle could pass, everyone was trying to get through & thus the traffic Jam. I didn’t see any traffic wala there but 2/3 young guys were directing traffic at their own. It was so nice to see them helping out others. They probably were conductors or rickshaw wala’s. One traffic wala was found near the yellow line (botton-right in pic) who was trying to stop PIDC traffic coming to this side. But few did pass through.

All above i came to know only when i reached the bottle neck. After i passed that barrier i rushed to reach home as i knew my office dirver would be waiting for me. I let TM know that i am out & i shall post details later.

The moment i passed that area i could see myself in the mirror becoming a full-fledge chicken broast , brown+reddish, full of heat, steam showing up from somewhere.lolz.

Indeed i felt like a Chicken Broast piece on II Chundrigar Road today.

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10 Responses

  1. all coz of 320GB hard disk? what had happened to it?

  2. how much did 320Gb costed? which brand?

  3. TM replied few times in his usual cunning style (look up , the KMB heli LOLZZ)

    ROTFL – when you send me an SMS asking for the KMB Helicopter 😉 I myself could not hold back the smile and the urge to send you a hope of the KMB Helicopter hovering above.

    All said it was good to tag-team this report online – maybe with time we can better coordinate the effort

    Glad you made it out alive

  4. wah…what a pleasent journey you had …..;-)

  5. 320 IDE for 5500 but i guess its now for 5350

    But make sure its not a 2 Numberi one. Goto Seagate website and search its model number on main page search or ALL PRODUCTS search. It should be listed there with all its warranty information.

    Here is the URL to locate it first :-

  6. im curiouis too..

    how much does a 320 gb harddrive cost nowadays?? (A)

  7. @mansoor:

    It should cost you anything around 5350-5500 & this is for IDE & for SATA the figure is almost same except that make sure you have got SATA compatible boards. Dont just rush for space.

    hahaha.a…hah… yeah!!! , tell you what, i love adventure so this was kind of one but on road. lolz

  8. [:)] so you want me to wish you some more adventures like tht?

  9. ahahhaha….lolzzz
    please no
    I better stay at home than these…

  10. Great post thank you (why i cant subscribe to your feed ? i keep getting an error)Thanks

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