Breaking news : Musharraf & his Generals gone nuts

“What the fuck” is the exact & perfect world that could/should come out of my mouth when i read this BBC story a while ago. (original BBC link here) Honestly its becoming apparent day by day that Musharraf & his conservative wolves are not having a good sleep due to CJP issue & in order to hide their guilt are acting like being bitten by a dog.

While the nation sure loves its ARMY, this lot of generals has some alien-smell to it. Neither they have any clue about the century we are living in nor any idea about what people make out of their luxurious life which they live on our taxes.

And the recent attacks on media is a proof of what lies beneath their skin. It is a simple equation, as any person with minimum sense could understand. A doctor will not only be criticized for acting like an engineer but may be punished under law so why then our ARMY tries to act like a government itself when its prime job is to secure borders & defend the country and when its getting a backlash from the civil society its hurting them, & it should because only a fool would have advised them to stay this long in power.

And what pissed me off was this “Internet” & “Cellular” stuff in the news. I mean do they know what a laughing stock they will make this nation in front of the world with such bans or acts.

I have quite a filth in my mouth right now & because i don’t want to drag the Generals & the ARMY with one stick ( nor do i consider them as one) let me get  glass of water, relax my mood & write somet
hing sensible.

Blackout now

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