KESC – Who did the magic ?

I just called in from office at home for some personal work & found out; to my amazement that electricity was still on, which basically meant 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply? Wow, this is unbelievable. This can possibly be breaking news on GEO or AAJ & a KESC world record for summer in Karachi.

But hey, hang on. I do know about a posh & special creature’s area ( the area near Cor-Commander & governor house ka addah) that has this facility forever. Ahh!! Poor me, I could send this to the press.

But anyways, who cares. It’s a big day. This surely is some magic I guess or am I dreaming? Hang on let me ask my peon to give me a chutki.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 minutes break !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey me not dreaming yaar. This surely needs to be celebrated. Being shift head my juniors are insisting that I should offer a treat now. Well, I didn’t have enough bucks so Zinger should do it. A zinger + drink, enough for now, I guess. Today indeed would be a memorable day in my life. I still remember this post of mine at KMB.

To do a 007 work on KESC efficiency I decided to do a rewind & find what especial we did that ALLAH blessed us this way. While I failed to find any answer to this but a day prior to the first day (out of 3) we had a serious problem in our area & didn’t have electricity for 8 straight hours. I had to call KESC HELP LINE many times. The respondents were not only polite but willing to listen, instead of the usually gov. org. style. The KESC van reached on time almost & did all the hard work to put things back on track. Our society chairman awarded them 500 rupee, which kind of kept me guessing.

Considering their conditions I narrated here once, I guess I was confused to call it rishwat or reward. You decide. By the way the KESC guys didn’t ask for anything themselves.

But I am still in search of the secret of this magic that just happened. Do write to me if you have a clue.

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