“I want to experience the storm”

It was kind of unplanned but exciting day that started off with a shout, who else but sister. Ahh!! so i had to drop her by . . . . . the usual crap. Came back and got fuckingly screwed up all day due to the form submission. Ahh!! its a big deal filling a form, attaching documents and having copies & getting 4 photo’s because this 21st century city doesn’t even have the 20th century luxury known as electricity. Poor residents at the backside of Sharah-e-Faisal, i felt really bad for their misery. Such a storm & they are lying naked under dark sky with electric wires running overheard everywhere. . . . .

Anyways so i reached office & soon i was into excitement as it was another stormy day in the making. Light drizzling started & later turned into proper rain. Adeel , my senior asked me to check out the corridor outside office & the cold air blow suddenly threw me into a strange familiar feeling. It was like a movie scene , darkness all around. I could hear the air making strange noises in the corridor. Far, far way in the wilderness i could see dark, apparently silent sky hurling stones from past into my mind. I tried hard to divert my attention somewhere else but after entering office & moreover when i saw the shift change form ( we needed to mention the reason about why we want to change the shift & on that day we knew Karachi will have storm in evening) so something , though jokingly came out of my mouth that defeated any of the little hope of holding emotions that i experienced in corridor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2005 , 7:00pm , he was holding her in arms. For a long time they remained silent, as if both wanted this moment not to end. Light wind blowing at their back, the vast sea in front of them , light drizzle that was making the event that more romantic. Emotions running high, not knowing what to say. He asked her what she is thinking, she looked into his eyes for a long time before she spoke. He asked again, what are you thinking. She looked into his eyes & silently said “I an wondering, for how long? ( for how long you will be with me before you leave me too . . . ). He did not have an answer. A rush of blood engulfed his body & the light drizzle outside looked irrelevant against the storm inside. For a moment he felt like he didn’t want to believe the reality, knew the impossible journey ahead but he gathered his emotions and as if a brave soldier tried to convince himself that he can conquer the war & in his heart said to himself, I want experience the storm, I will face the high tides & will sail the ship steady & fast onto shores. . . . .

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