Perhaiz Musharraf

Found this photo (the one at left) on KMB flickr group. One of the characters from famous GEO program “Hum sab umeed se hain“. Looking at the picture one may ask if we still have any umeed from the General Saheb?. This also reminded me that the name of our president makes some interesting combinations The word Pervez if read as Perhaiz fully fits current national sentiment especially that the nation is bored of him now after failing on his promises in last 8 years. So if we read Perhaiz/Perhez Musharraf it would mean stay away Mr. Musharraf. Reading Musharraf as Mush-Rough also fits as it suits his rather Friend or Enemy style ( taken on kiraaya from USA policy guidebook). So if you are his friend, fine else he is Mr. Rough fully capable of playing rough. Probably Bugti & Lal Masjid people can guide you on this.

But the best combination would be General : Perhaiz Musharraf ” which actually is for General public. It asking people to stay away from Musharraf Completely.

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Shortest Love Story

This short story brought a smile to my screwed up face whole day due to the VIRUS on my PC that had decided it wont go away. Read it :-

Once upon a time a guy asked a girl “Will you marry me”

She said “No”

And the guy lived happily ever after . . . . . .

Munizae Jahangir on Musharraf’s Dance

Munizae Jahangir gives an impressive outlook on issues our country is facing in the context of Musharraf’s regime. I like the word “Musharraf’s dance” over TheRealNews website but adding “drama” would have been more suitable. The best statement she gave was “Enlightenment Moderation coming from a dictator is . . . is a little funny”. Ahh!! damn it man. Didn’t she hit a SIX out of the stadium ? Watch it all . . .

Video 1/3 :-

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While browsing YouTube i came across a video interview featuring Munizae Jahangir. This led me to TheRealNews. The vision as envisaged in its approach is impressive especially the concept behind staying away from corporate/governmental/other pressures which i believe is one of the reasons why its hard to find neutral media groups/companies. They do align in one way or other to some ideology/party/group etc. In Pakistan only AAJ TV seems to be successful (to some extent) its neutrality. GEO is clearly a pro government tool that has acted quite similarly to prove that its neutral. ARY i guess has done better than GEO in this case. DAWN NEWS is quite new so its too early to comment on it. Anyways following is the introductory video on THEREALNEWS. I strongly believe that such projects should be supported by all those who believe in neutrality and free media.

Links :- TheRealNews Network , Munizae Jahangir on Musharraf

Jo adhoori reh gai thi kahani

Jo adhoori reh gayi thi kahani sochna

Beth ker tanha faqat baatein purani sochna

Jab kisi sahil pe aajaye meri yaad tumhain

Kyun jazeeron ki taraf rehta hai paani sochna

Tum agar bicharne per Khush ho to yun hi sahi

Beth ker tanha faqat shaamein purani sochna

Jab kabhi likhna kahani zeest ke mauzu pe tum

Kyun badal jaate hain lafzon ke maa’yne sochna

Every Country has Army, Pakistan Army has a country

All credits are due to Sami for forwarding this on emailing list. I checked root & found Mr Moin as first sender & i guess probably he is the one who wrote this (as he didn’t credited anyone else ) but whateve, an excellent job done by the educated fellows. I felt using the word educated because as i see, majority of the educated have hardly any contribution towards awareness about important national issues. They are the ones least active in politics, an irony we are paying price for. Because we have left everything on either the illiterates or the ill-educated we have come this far into this mess so Its important to spread the word so next generations prepare for an action.

Some one recently mentioned that our Army is no more an Army, it has become a class that is acting now as a parasite like a its predecessors ( the colonial masters) & has decided probably not to let the nation progress their biggest help being the Mullah’s on whom people trust, thus an alliance of convenience for both & a hold on a land that can be one of the greatest nations if utilized to its full potential.  Ever since 70’s we see these two designing, developing & maintaining a series of events to keep the nation busy & distract it from its core issues i.e poverty, education, health etc. One after another a new drama comes on stage & the unaware forget their miseries and become spectators to gain nothing in the end. I see the Lal-Masjid drama nothing short of this. While there is no hope from this class itself (a rebellion within ) & useless to hope from any illiterates the only hope is the middle class educated group which understands issues at both level, naturally. I said naturally becaue they are connected to upper & lower class equally. It has a keen eye on bigger issues (including international ) and has its hands on the nerve at the poverty stricken 40% population.

Enough Silence , its time we speak up against this drama of continuous eye wash. Thats it from me.

Read the email now . . .

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Quit Smoking

Found this excellent video on YOUTUBE & would like to share with you. Share it with other fellows especially those who smoke & especially those who want to quit but somehow are lazy in doing so. This may encourage them to take the good step fast.

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