Munizae Jahangir on Musharraf’s Dance

Munizae Jahangir gives an impressive outlook on issues our country is facing in the context of Musharraf’s regime. I like the word “Musharraf’s dance” over TheRealNews website but adding “drama” would have been more suitable. The best statement she gave was “Enlightenment Moderation coming from a dictator is . . . is a little funny”. Ahh!! damn it man. Didn’t she hit a SIX out of the stadium ? Watch it all . . .

Video 1/3 :-

Video 2/3 :-

Video 3/3 :-

4 Responses

  1. first time this american got an insiders view on whats going on inside of the country…… one knows better about ones country then those who live in it……….munizae jahangir has done an excellent job of enlightening me on this issure……………what can i do to help, being in Indiana, im not sure if anything would help……does munizae jahangir have a blog one can join?

  2. no other news? clear audio.

  3. he is the blue eyed boy of america, he sold human being, so he involved the filthy game of human trafickling, he was a dollars hungry man. His rubbish policies impacted Pakistan in a bad bad way, a no where to return.

  4. Brilliant answers !! Love u munize. mmuah….

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