Perhaiz Musharraf

Found this photo (the one at left) on KMB flickr group. One of the characters from famous GEO program “Hum sab umeed se hain“. Looking at the picture one may ask if we still have any umeed from the General Saheb?. This also reminded me that the name of our president makes some interesting combinations The word Pervez if read as Perhaiz fully fits current national sentiment especially that the nation is bored of him now after failing on his promises in last 8 years. So if we read Perhaiz/Perhez Musharraf it would mean stay away Mr. Musharraf. Reading Musharraf as Mush-Rough also fits as it suits his rather Friend or Enemy style ( taken on kiraaya from USA policy guidebook). So if you are his friend, fine else he is Mr. Rough fully capable of playing rough. Probably Bugti & Lal Masjid people can guide you on this.

But the best combination would be General : Perhaiz Musharraf ” which actually is for General public. It asking people to stay away from Musharraf Completely.

Right side Image credits :

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