President Musharraf – Open Forum

Our (once) beloved Musharraf , in an attempt to look/sound democratic is appearing on PTV these days in a program “Open forum”. (5 vids)

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Commentator mocks Pakistan

A commentator here mocks Pakistan, and rightly so.

” As a contemporary of Benazir Bhutto at Oxford, I recall various gossip about her activities. I’m sure the story about her doing a strip-tease at the Cape of Good Hope Pub was only a scurrilous rumour. Odd that she got to be PM in such a seemingly theocratic State.

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Pakistan Army – A picture worth thousand words

  We never foresee future but more importantly and sadly we never learn from history. Something to ponder for the Pakistan ARMY. [read GENERALs]Complete BBC story

Original idea hired from Umair

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Thehar jao

Thehar jao ke hairani to jaye
tumhari shakl pehchani to jaye

Shab-e-gam tu hi mehmaan ban ke aaja
hamare ghar ki virani to jaye

Zara khul kar bhi ro lene do hum ko
ke dil ki aag tak pani ho jaye

Balaa se tod Dalo aainon ko
kisi surat ye hairani to jaaye

HUM shared this poetry over MSN

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U2 – The collection

Lately i realized that sometime i don’t have my fav. band’s collection with me especially when i am not at home so i decided to post their content form YOUTUBE.


Watch all other video songs:-

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Kyun Nahi

Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thehar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Jo Beet Gaya Hai, Woh Guzar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Sab Kuch To Hai, Kya Dhundti Rahti Hai Nigahe,

Kya Baat Hai Main Waqt Pe Ghar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Woh Ek Hi Chera To, Nahi Sare Jahan Mein,
Jo Dur Hai Woh Dil Se Utar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Main Apni Hi Uljhi Hui Raho Ka Tamasha,
Jate Hain Jidhar Sab, Main Udhar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Woh Naam Jo Barso Se, Na Chehra Na Badan Hai,
Woh Khawaab Agar Hai To Bikhar Kyo Nahi Jata

DAWN NEWS CHANNEL – Understand the difference

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Understand the difference

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