Javed Hashmi in Live with Talat

Haan mai baghi hoon. Read this interesting article on Javed Hashmi & his book.

What impressed me about this man is his rebellious attitude in the face
of a dictator. His NO along with CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry’s was one brave act.
What also impressed me is he did it all alone while everyone around him proved
to be an opportunist in Musharraf regime & not only left their party but became full-time sycophants. Although I don’t believe he is an angel, what he did is remarkable considering he took on Army. In a state run by GHQ this is indeed a big deal. Hats off! If we only had few more readers like him no General would be able to crush constitution under his feet.

Part 1/2 :

Part 2/2 :

Before he was jailed I hardly ever noticed him but hearing his interview now, I can
say Mr. Nawaz made the right choice for his party for his future politics. What was also good to hear was his bashing against Generals, wadera’s, Chaudhries & elite as soon as he came out of jail. This is not what we usually hear from jailed politicians, who in most cases set themselves free under deals but well done Mr. Politician. Javed Hashmi. Its also noticeable because the prevailing perspective is that the politicians (from every party) bank their vote on these power magnets i.e Chaudhries,Generals,Mullah’s. (Note that he left out Mullah’s from this & other interviews)

Also check :-

BBC interview he gave immediately after his release. (scroll to middle)

Javed Hashmi , Journey to evolution.

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