Fireworks lit up the sky over Karachi

Last night while coming back home & 1.5 km from Mazar I saw sparklers at 45′ angle over Mazar chowrangi. My initial plan was some other route but I changed my mind & reached the spot where traffic had just started gathering. I heard whistling (sound when fireworks-load is projected upwards) & the sky over lit up brightly. Yes, the fireworks had just began & I was right on time.
[Video : Elegantthinking]

Video 1/3 :

Video 2/3 :

My immediate thought was why the heck I didn’t have a camera. Karachiites don’t get much to divert mind from problems in city but this was a treat. Youngsters were recording the show on mobile & I was praying they may upload the video. To our good luck, someone did. Although the video’s don’t do full justice to the beautiful display & are short too but anyhow, it should give you the feel of it. The public thoroughly enjoyed a mid-night treat from city administration. Here we go! I’ll definitely blog more video’s if others upload too.

Video 3/3 :

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