Fire at PNSC building in Karachi

Live pictures from TV. I have taken these images from TV channels covering the story. Syed Hussain Masood has got this video on his video blog page. Thanks fellow.

This second video has got a comment that is simple yet full of sarcasm

It says This is PNSC building catches fire every Sunday

Unlucky Two times

Jahil-Ghauri, The Shipping Minister.

Not sure what the fire fighters were trying to achieve here when it was already mentioned that they could nothing but wait & pray. Their water-pire looks like a plastic pistol in comparison with the fire.

Pakistan Navy heli – Successfully rescuing a Telenor employee from Roof-top .

The only man who knows how to talk in this administration. Explaining to AAJ T correspondent about an un-explainable excuse. Poor guy has to clean everyones shit in his team. I shall only quote the city Nazim himself to give you an idea of our competent administration. According to him saara fire fighting ka umla (staff) yahan per hai magar aag hamaray qabu se habar hai. I have only one answer to his statement. So when you are announcing the next World Trade Center Mr Kamal ?. In ARB’s style i shall only say “lagaey raho” . . . . pori qom ko chu** banatey raho. Khao peo or phir aap bhi London mai ayyashi maaro. Es badnaseeB shehr ki kismat mai aap hee jaisey hukumran honey hain. I hope ARB is reading this. Although i am worried about the incident it would be sure fun to have ARB over MSN or phone to do his commentary on this. My interest would be his statements on Jahil-Ghauri, the shipping minister.

A painful wait.

Sab acha hai . . . . .

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