Karachi Foods – Most valuable number

If I tell you the background of this post you won’t believe it but to put it simply, this is the most valuable number in my office. It’s so valuable that my friends have to wake
me up even in the middle of a sleep to get it. In short my office is a den of Ever-Hungry lions willing to prey on anything for food. But unfortunately they run out of resources sometime. So here we go. Next time anyone needs it, jump to my blog.

Karachi Foods

4388261 & 4385345

Moreover, i am also thinking about making a comprehensive list of khana-peena aka Khapa-Menu so that we dont run for resources at 11th hour. Lets keep this for future posts.


2 Responses

  1. Real help 🙂
    thanks for putting this up mate.
    even the 1 7 service of ptcl was unable to provide me with the number for khi foods

  2. Thanks buddy!

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