Pakistan: The Threat Within – CNN investigates

I have always been a fan of Nick Robertson & Christiana Amanpour. Not because they belong to CNN or that CNN fascinates me but because of their investigative work. I understand that most of the Pakistan’s will blush it off with the usual “oh! its a propaganda bla bla ” but the truth may is as ugly as its shown here, one needs an open mind to look into its own collar. There is hardly anything incorrect shown in this video that i need to write or comment. Its true that the western media doesn’t belong to angels but i seriously feel we don’t have answer to their question & therefore we have stick in hands rather pen to answer them. Its time we look into our own collars instead of throwing our sins into Indian,USA & Israeli pockets. One correction : On one occasion he uses the statement that Madresah’s and terrorist are linked.”. He should rather say “Few/Some/A number of” Instead of brining all under one umbrella.


Video 1/4 :

Video 2/4 :

Video 3/4 :

Video 4/4 :

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