Pakistan Army – A picture worth thousand words

  We never foresee future but more importantly and sadly we never learn from history. Something to ponder for the Pakistan ARMY. [read GENERALs]Complete BBC story

Original idea hired from Umair

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19 Responses

  1. This is INCORRECT – This is a Bangladesh Army photo in Dhaka, NOT Pakistan Army. Get you facts right

    • even in bbc link its clear and any 1 jo is pic ko daikhay ka can tell easly this is bangladesh and recent incident of BDR, but hamaray parhay likhay jahil loog jo apni he army ka naam kharab kartay hain phir aisay main hamain kissi duhsman ki kia zaroort jab hamaray paas he bikay ho pithoo mojood hain.

      • toh kis ne ye likha hai ki ye PAKISTAN ARMY hai aqal se paidal bundey

        Padhay likhay jahil aap hain jo na post ko sumjhey hain or na zehmat ki hai neechay comments padhne ki


  2. @Kashif
    Where does it say its PAK army dear ?


  3. MB meri jaan, why dont you go outside and kick some Army waala’s ass. will you do it for me. I am getting bored by reading your post against army. I want you to do something or other wise keep your mouth shut.

  4. Because their ass is not worth the effort.

    Any person on the street will do it when times comes.

  5. well these Paki khakis’ *** should also be kicked for what they r doing to Pakistan! Bloody Chillars!

  6. Fazeel Darling!! Its internet age, not the fucking 60’s or 80’s where you could mum the people! I think MB is right, we r sick of dirty side of Pak army. They should do what they r meant to do! stay in their limits!

  7. The army has lost a LOT of face in recent months. It is such a pity that what is called the most disciplined organizaion in Pakistan is so devoid of sense.

  8. Listen !!!!!!!!

    yeah pak army ki pic nahi hai yeh Bangladesh ki hai . kunki pakistan mai army yeh dress nahi pehnti .
    aur rahi pak army ki baat to pak army is the best army in the world .
    Pak army mai itni efficency hai k wo achey acho ko chati ka dud yaad dila sakti hai .
    Tum log chahey jitna bhi pakistan ko badnam kar lo lekin wo kehtey hai na….



    P K I S T A N
    Z I N D A B A D

    P K I S T A N
    Z I N D A B A D

  9. @Mehmood
    Thanks for comment but seriously do you guys bother to read the text before commenting?

    Where it says its PAKISTAN army ?

    Did you bother to check the link

    The title of post only warns PAK army of its continued interference in politics.

  10. stupid assholes , dis picture is not of Pak Army !! there is no trend of folding the sleeves of camoflage in Pak Army ! all the above people blaming Army should mind there own business , Pak Army is the only well established instituition of Pak . they are beyond any doubt “men at their best”

  11. He is not soilder of Pakistan Army. Its only the conspiracy against great Army of great Pakistan.

  12. Yep PAK ARMY is No Dooubt MEN AT TJEIR BEST
    Secondly aarmy does not come by themselves we in efficient civillians give them chance to do so. We always say that Army is doing this n that etc, Did we ever thought what we civiilians are doing?
    On the other hand Its Pak Army due to which we are living in freedom otherwise indian dogs are always trying to grab us…

  13. thats not even pakistan’s army uniform ….get it ryt please…..100 % thats not pakistan’s army uniform get ur facts ryt b4 u do ur stupid propaganda…..please

  14. its not a Pakistan army uniform for sure..

  15. Pakistan Army doesn’t want to interfere in politics,
    try to get your politicians learn something, they are all FRAUDS……………………..

  16. nice picture….i wish if we could see this on the streets of pakistan

  17. it cant be happen.the uniform that the man weared is like British army.i cant believe this man.Pak army Zindabad

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