Commentator mocks Pakistan

A commentator here mocks Pakistan, and rightly so.

” As a contemporary of Benazir Bhutto at Oxford, I recall various gossip about her activities. I’m sure the story about her doing a strip-tease at the Cape of Good Hope Pub was only a scurrilous rumour. Odd that she got to be PM in such a seemingly theocratic State.

Imran Khan,ex-cricketer and possible Political Heavy-weight in Pakistan,had rooms on the same staircase as myself in college there. He was widely applauded for his extra-curricular behaviour.

How is it that these people are potential contenders for a State that was explicitly carved out of “British” India as a sort of Mecca for Muslims?

My view is that the “Landowner” class doesn’t give a fig for what the repressed majority thinks. As long as they can feed at the trough of largesse afforded by the Weapons Industry of the UK & USA, they’ll lick whichever boots are most shiny.

Full disclosure, I’m writing as a descendant of two families that were forced out of their ancestral homes by Partition. My Mum still recalls her home in Lahore. “

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