President Musharraf – Open Forum

Our (once) beloved Musharraf , in an attempt to look/sound democratic is appearing on PTV these days in a program “Open forum”. (5 vids)

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  1. Our socalled President of Pakistan, who don’t feel shame to claim and present himself as “MR. CLEAN” is basically a terrorist and criminal and soon or later he will must hang-up in any chowk of Ialamabad.

    Mr. President(socalled) don’t you know that your son’s father in law “Brig(R) Aftab Siddiqui has made billions of dollars by supporting construction companies to get mega projects. SHAME ON YOU

    Every day your “UNIFORM MAFIA” stage a new drama of terrorism but new you cannot make the Pakistanis a fool.

    You and your “Mafia Colleagues” are abusing our motherland like a accupied territory. You will must pay for it…..

  2. Now thats something new for me. I never knew that.

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  4. Atiq ur Rahman – you should stop relying on idotic newspaper stories that were not even worthy of publication. The source DAWN retrtacted the story at a later date as it was based on heresay and amounted to slander.

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  7. All I know in 2003 to ’04 Musharraf was asking the real & absolute defination of “Terrorism” but right after receiving 5 Mln. p.m. salary from Israel & America he & his Co. never repeated the same query!

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