Saturday, bloody Saturday

Being a person who doesn’t believe much in superstition and all that peer fakeer crap here is the first para that made me laugh, though the later part isn’t funny at all:-

A pundit of Hindu mythology looked at all these events in the context of the movement of the stars. “The name Karachi starts with a ‘KA’ so Shanni Devta (the god of Saturday) is angry with the city,” Maharaj Giyanchand told Daily Times. The current year is a heavy one according to the movement of stars, he added. “It would be better if the government changed the name of the city and replaced ‘KA’ with ‘KO’ – as they did with Mumbai in India.”

In the recent history of the city, Saturdays have proved to be the worst for citizens when it comes to tragic events. Although the city has a long history of different kinds of incidents during which innocent citizens are killed, Saturdays seem to hit the hardest.

Read it full here

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