Melting into you

I was searching for an image header with a romantic theme & found this one. I am sure ARB would be proud of me for searching out this one. I kept on looking at it for half an hour or so before i decided i better save it else bijli ka koi bharossa nai. There is more to it then what apparently meets the eye. It was after a long time that i was seeing such a romantic photo pose. This also reminds me Did i found Nazia. Its raining, the gul is holding the guy at the back of his neck. Its clear that its firm but not hard enough for distraction. As she prolly wants to last it long. The

guy has his hand at her back for her support. The umbrella is covering both of em properly just to make sure no disturbance comes in between this memorable feeling of oneness. Both have their eyes closed so its not just a momentary kiss. Its a deep one and long one too. The photographer was intelligent to blur the background to emphasis on the event. I bet you would like to feel the love when kissing someone in rain. Its an awesome feeling, trust me & a sweet one too. My laptop, it seems has just sensed my romantic mood and the next track on Media player is making a perfect combination here. The song is Rhythm Divine by Enrique.

Image : thu11nct

3 Responses

  1. Uffffffff!!!!!!!!! Such heavy stuff for lonely souls like me.

  2. *Drops a huge tokra of Mittha on his enagement*

    There, I call it blog gifts.

  3. @Jalal
    Not fair dude
    Want a real one , lol

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