Mind wide shut

The baray mian has his left eye (on apparatus) closed, while the right one, which is supposed to be closed is OPEN. And we rely on them to guide us on our faith. Bravo!!. No wonder why it was announced that the moon was not sighted by Ruet-e-Hairan wa-Parayshan kameyti. Whenever the newscaster on TV would announce about moon sighting & show our Maulana hazraat doing an FBI search for moon, i couldn’t

stop laughing. In 21st century when MAN has decided that he will land on MARS in 2025, i wonder what the holy Prophet (PBUH) would thinking if he would see this.

Loads of thanks to Raja Islam for sharing this one.

[Credit : THE NEWS ]

2 Responses

  1. Nice one 😀 !!!

  2. God that is one nice one… BTW ppl in my vicinity and i call it Anti-Hilal Committee..:)

    P.S:You have a reply to the comment~

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