PTCL – Phone n Net

PTCL ( Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) has launched a metered Internet Service at Rs. 0.10 Paisas/minute nationwide on its land-line network. User simply connects by plugging PTCL telephone line into his/her computer’s modems, login to a generic account with ID “ptcl” & Password “ptcl” , using dial-up access number “13177777“.

The billing appears on regular telephone utility bills distributed on a monthly basis to PTCL subscribers. This service is available in provincial capitals at the moment but hopefully this will be a great effort in promoting widespread usage of Internet in country & once available all over, especially remote areas, this will surely put Pakistan on right track towards progress in Telecom sector.
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3 Responses

  1. hmmm…

    dair ai-yed durusst ai-yed!!

    now this is one smart move, if they provide better services they can have majority of the users that still uses their fax modem conenctions.

  2. But the point is do you trust PTCL? i don’t, i;ve been using the VPTCL and it pissed me off with its tarriff rates, than i heard my cousin posting rat ass about PTCL broadband and now this phone n net which my brother in Islamabad told me of ,but lets wait for a month and see the reviews pop out and decide where does PTCL stands after this massive promotion and partial privatisation.

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