Ziad Zafar – Missing in Pakistan

Ziad Zafar has done an excellent job but i am sure he will be forced to leave country just like the tyrant GENERALs forced Ayesha Siddiqa to leave for UK. This is a must watch video for every Pakistani to know the ugly face of Enlightenment & moderation. Our government is officially running a mafia of kidnappers whose only duty to pick anyone they deem fit

Part 1/3 :

against their agenda. Torture people & sell their own men to where ever they like a 21st century equivalent of 1400 year old custom of selling people for money. The scenes in later part are very horrible.

Part 2/3:

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Please watch this video NOW and be touched by the moving scenes of what is going on in our country & this is all done under the nose of so called WESTern champs of human rights. Where are they sleeping now?. Just because the dictator suits you , your tongue has gone dead ?

Part 3/3:

How do i vent my Anger on MUSH

Just posted this comment on Pakistanpolicy.com

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Raja Islam – On Emergency/Martial Law in Pakistan

I have always been a fan of Raja. Not that he has an excellent camera but for having a great EYE. His objectivity & sense of purpose along with angle of vision makes a perfect blend. This one is perfect, considering current situation in country. I shall soon be adding a new category to tags for emergency/Martial Law. Also i may well add a page too.

Pervez Hitler

[Note : Do check comprehensive Photo Gallery links]. Following is a silent protest from an ordinary Pakistani against Pervez Hitler and his Generals. I, and all others should keep on reminding them about what Quaid e Azam said on August 14, 1947.

Here are some BBC URDU Photo Galleries.

BBC Urdu | بینظیر کی مہم، وکلاء اور صحافیوں کے مظاہرے

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کا پانچواں دن

BBC Urdu | ملک بھر میں وکلاء کا احتجاج، گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج کا تیسرا دن

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کے بعد پہلا دن

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج و گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج و گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | اسلام آباد میں ایمرجنسی کے بعد کا حال

BBC Urdu | جسٹس افتخار کیس: احتجاج جاری

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کا نواں دن

[Original Image : homar.wordpress.com ]

Watch Pakistani TV Channels LIVE

Beating dictatorship in 21st century

(Credits:- Original Image : Teeth Maestro)

Knowledge is power and i guess commulative knowledge (information/sharing ETC) is lethal power. Technology has come a long way and here are some links that will help you stay in touch with the rest of the world for new and information. Its such a shame that we are at the helm of a tyrant government which can’t digest dissent opinion and is bent upon curbing media & freedom of speech. Share more links and resources if you have. If we can’t fight by gun, we sure can with a pen (or technology for that matter).

[1] Watch GEO LIVE :-

(a) http://www.forumpakistan.com/geo-tv-online.html

(b) mms:// (copy/paste to player , REAL Player recommended)



(Windows Media Player needed, Credits ZAINUB)

[3] GEO LIVE AUDIO mms://stream.wmlivesvc.vitalstreamcdn.com/live_stream_geo_tv_GeoAud

(copy/paste to Windows Media/Real Player. Credits:- All Things Pakistan)

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