Watch Pakistani TV Channels LIVE

Beating dictatorship in 21st century

(Credits:- Original Image : Teeth Maestro)

Knowledge is power and i guess commulative knowledge (information/sharing ETC) is lethal power. Technology has come a long way and here are some links that will help you stay in touch with the rest of the world for new and information. Its such a shame that we are at the helm of a tyrant government which can’t digest dissent opinion and is bent upon curbing media & freedom of speech. Share more links and resources if you have. If we can’t fight by gun, we sure can with a pen (or technology for that matter).

[1] Watch GEO LIVE :-


(b) mms:// (copy/paste to player , REAL Player recommended)



(Windows Media Player needed, Credits ZAINUB)

[3] GEO LIVE AUDIO mms://

(copy/paste to Windows Media/Real Player. Credits:- All Things Pakistan)

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