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  1. Here’s a good site to get the news out and to be able to post counter-news (your side) to Pervez or to mock the news that he posts and you can post your own pics — video posting by this weekend.

    check it out… let me know what you think…

    this is a beta version

    let me know what you think


  2. exactly this Pakistani hitler is a black patch in the history of Pakistan

  3. I don’t support Musharraf’s recent actions but am insulted that anyone would compare him to Hitler.


    @ I am shocked and hurt by your mean
    comparison of Musharraf with hitler,

    Should I now realize, and confirm that
    this is the freedom of expression that
    Musharraf promised and delivered ??

  5. Who says this (whatever) freedom (if it is freedom) is given by Musharraf?

    Majority believes as such i know, and thats why majority bhugat rahi hai ab usko.

    On a different & rather current note, i just found this link.

    Have you seen these videos?

    Now say that i have made these videos at home and the characters are my friends. huh!!

    Freedom of expression , my ass

  6. How about this one … My manipulation 😉

    Hope you would enjoy it

    Pervez Hitler

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