How do i vent my Anger on MUSH

Just posted this comment on

I cant stop laughing at the statements made by the dictator. Lets take them one by one.
1. “He described the army as a family — a family that has given him its complete love and loyalty”. This is exactly what the nation is crying about that the ARMY is no more an ARMY only in Pakistan. It has converted itself into a class. A class that considers itself above law of land & demands a special place in politics where it MUST be heard else….. you know what i mean.

2. “Musharraf asserted that “we” — the army — “has to bring this country forward,” “
They ruled half of 60 so what else ARMY did for last 60 years except bringing itself forward MR MUSHARRAF?

3. “knocking out any obstacles along the way”  . . So removing all top judges and curbing free society and throwing every person who disagrees to your view part of this plan ?

4. “But at the same time, he asserted his belief that this “world class army” can rise to the challenges” . . . Thats why we have now many hundred poor low salaried Jawans at the mercy of Al-Qaeda ? Your involvement in politics has thrown you to the rock bottom of professionalism dude.

5. ““when we put this uniform on, we seal our fate…” . . . Thats exactly why we call for complete removal of ARMY from politics you dumb a*** GENERAL. You guys dont know howto think differently, dont know howto say NO & you are trained to say YES and hear YES. You have nothing to do with how the government be run.

Last but not the least, Here is a mistake MUSH made in the end. HE said :-
6. Musharraf, now-ex chief of army staff, said he will remain concerned over the army’s interests and state.

This should have been “ARMY’s Interest in STATE

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