Ziad Zafar – Missing in Pakistan

Ziad Zafar has done an excellent job but i am sure he will be forced to leave country just like the tyrant GENERALs forced Ayesha Siddiqa to leave for UK. This is a must watch video for every Pakistani to know the ugly face of Enlightenment & moderation. Our government is officially running a mafia of kidnappers whose only duty to pick anyone they deem fit

Part 1/3 :

against their agenda. Torture people & sell their own men to where ever they like a 21st century equivalent of 1400 year old custom of selling people for money. The scenes in later part are very horrible.

Part 2/3:

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Please watch this video NOW and be touched by the moving scenes of what is going on in our country & this is all done under the nose of so called WESTern champs of human rights. Where are they sleeping now?. Just because the dictator suits you , your tongue has gone dead ?

Part 3/3:

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  1. Many thanks for posting these videos – I was wondering how to access them.

    Have you visited the Pak Tea House – a new blog-zine that I have started. You visits and contributions (articles, quotes, pcitures) shall be most welcome there..



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