No Ethics for truth – Interview by Baba Jee to DAWN NEWS TV

You don’t need ethics or degrees to speak truth. This video is just the Tip of the iceberg of the anger the general public in Pakistan has for its politicians + Generals + Bureaucracy , the axis of evil in Pakistan. Watch at your own risk.

DOWNLOAD the video if here if you have slow connection & cannot stream the video

Breakfast with Dawn – Teeth Maestro & Jamash

Awab bhai you rokkkkkk!!!!. Jamash jani . . .  lash !!!

Visual Trick

If you watch the above images from your seat in front of the computer,
Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right.Get up from your seat, and move back about eight feet!! They switch places!!
This proves that things aren’t always what they look like!!

[ Credit : Habeeb Bhai ]

mujhe pagal ker do

Main tumhe dil ki siyasat ka hunar deta hoon
ab isse dhoop bana do mujhe badal ker do

Apne aangan ki udasi se zara baat kero
neem ke sookhe hoye pied ko sandal ker do

Tum mujhe chor ke jao ge tu mar jaoon ga
youn kero jaane se pehle mujhe pagal ker do

itna hi yad rakh mujhe jesy kisi kitab main

itna hi yad rakh mujhe jesy kisi kitab main
ik khat para howa mile
lafz mity mitty se ho’n
rang ura ura sa ho
lakin wo ajnabi na ho
uth k tere lagy lagy
beetay dino ki  sab kattha
bhoole howay tamam such tujh say kahy or ro pard

Tum us dard sey guzrey ho na

tum us dard sey guzrey ho na
wo rut jis mei jal jati hain ankhein
tum per bhi guzri hai . . .

wo shab jo mahtaab se tapkey
anso anso shabnam shabnam
woh shab mujh per bhi utri hai . .

woh din jab ghariyan so jayein
lamhey pathar ke ho jayein
wo din tum ney bhi kata hai
wo din meiney bhi kata hai
tum is dard sey guzrey ho na
dono key jism-o-ruuh mein
yaksan dard ka sannata hai
tum is dard se guzre ho na
phir kyon mujh se pochtey ho
meri palkein kyon purnam hain
akhir mujh ko kon se gum hain
tum is dard sey guzrey ho na . .
tum is dard sey guzrey ho na . . ??

Clash of Ignorants

I have always held the view that in this so called clash of civilization (which i prefer to call clash of Ignorants of civilization) the error is mainly from Muslim side than the WEST. While an explanation will lengthen the discussion, for now here are 3 videos which prove my point. Look at the way the retard fanatics want to covert every piece of universe into MUSLIM. The ISLAM prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave has been hijacked for over 1400 years now & its exactly the reason why the MUSLIMs all over the world are in a decline. Those who can act as true representatives of ISLAM are in minority & silent & those who have hijacked our faith are in majority & in power in most of the MUSLIM countries including PAKISTAN. This in no way means the WEST consists of angels. It only means we are more at fault than the WEST. There are 3 videos in all.

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