Clash of Ignorants

I have always held the view that in this so called clash of civilization (which i prefer to call clash of Ignorants of civilization) the error is mainly from Muslim side than the WEST. While an explanation will lengthen the discussion, for now here are 3 videos which prove my point. Look at the way the retard fanatics want to covert every piece of universe into MUSLIM. The ISLAM prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave has been hijacked for over 1400 years now & its exactly the reason why the MUSLIMs all over the world are in a decline. Those who can act as true representatives of ISLAM are in minority & silent & those who have hijacked our faith are in majority & in power in most of the MUSLIM countries including PAKISTAN. This in no way means the WEST consists of angels. It only means we are more at fault than the WEST. There are 3 videos in all.

4 Responses

  1. USA, Indian, Israeli Propaganda

    @ I think you are still ignorant about
    self respect, dignity of your being a muslim,
    behaving apologetic, based on some stupid videos collected in the “hatred of others “not belonging to your creed and secular tribe of mislead and colonial-reborns.

  2. @Rafay
    – Teach me self respect. I wanna see your defination of it

    – “Stupid videos” ? how so ?

    – Do you have any point at all , anyhow ?

  3. MB,

    I can only remind you, Teaching you is
    difficult, but have the right to remind verbally
    some one, as is practiced all over the world
    and any society. Self respect is a universal
    human right, his/her beliefs, capacity, comittments
    and belonging to a set of rules and ideology.

    Self respect is the key attitude towards oneself,
    you respect your self, hate your self, or deny
    yourself. Imposing on some one is the last
    tactic when we have failed in convincing them.

    Finally, for me and millions like me , self respect
    is the priority of priorities if I am living in a decent
    society or mediocre, if my race, religion, and convictions are not respected, that will be the Hitlerism.
    (human nature is not the subject).


    what are you trying to prove thru these
    videos, which are “prepared” targeted for
    a fixed propaganda against muslims.

    In Pakistan at three occasions they had caught
    foriegn agents with the help of pakistani
    so called journalists filming fake videos by fake
    mullahs, fake witnesses and fake topics.
    I can present you hundreds of videos on neo-Nazis, Israelis, Hindu’s ‘jobs’ in Gujarat, in Kashmir. are you using these videos to denounce
    the muslims or mullahs, or Pakistanis, pronouncing, ‘inflamatory’ suggestions ?

    My point you asked for,

    I wish to see Pakistan as a country of citizens
    conscience of their values, religious, political, and
    human, not because 247 seculars, Marxists or
    134 seperatists want us all convert to Hinduism,
    Secularism, Marxism or colonialism. As you know
    Pakistan is a strong majority country of muslims,
    with a clear cut Constitution, which gives all rights
    to all the minorities like any other ‘democratic’
    country in the world.

    I would humbly request you to remove
    musharraf’s cartoon depicting him as Hitler.

    Thanks for contacting me.

  4. You are probably not that well read. Having a job in a Pakistani channel is hardly a certificate for knowledge. You should read up…. the whole current conflict is about the domination of the developing world and the US struggle to prevent the rise of Asia. It is not about Muslims vs Christians. Learn to be humble!

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