Pakistani James BOND

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Prediction – Pakistan Election 2008 results

Depending upon if elections are rigged or not (a matter not in my hands) here is an assessment of what should possibly happen from what i was able to judge over last one year i.e the PUBLIC MOOD in pakistan . . .

I am not so sure how did this happen but i made this post on even Feb. 18 while making this post on KMB but a part of its text was delete (thanks to my doing-dead-now keyboard & triple click mouse) & i had to post it again. I am writing it now but i will post it quite late i think. I guess within few hours we may start getting some results so its best time to do some science on ELECTIONs. The following assessment is also shared by my dad with whom i had detail discussion. Lets see in detail . . .

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Tum mujhe bhula dena

Toot kar
zara daikho . . .
Tum agar Bikhar jao,
Baibasi mei
ghir jao. . .
Dilse ek sada dena,
Bus mujhe bula lena,
Mai tumhain sumbhal lun ga,
Zindagi mai chalne ka . . .
Raasta badalne ka,
Ik hunar sikha dunga . .
Phir naya hosla dunga . .
or Jab sumbhal jao,
Roshni mai dhal jao,
yun sila dena,
Tum mujhe . . .
Bhula dena . . .

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