PTCL offering new Broadband Internet packages

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I am a HEAVY ( and i really mean it ) DOWNLOADER and keep an eye on good packages coming from any side. Recently we heard about WATEEN giving a jolt to local market (or probably getting one itself due to technical issues) and now PTCL is offering this excellent option that should give tough competition to WATEEN. If its really what they are promising then bad times ahead for WATEEN, thats for sure. PTCL offers 3 convenient packages to meet your bandwidth and download needs:

  • DSL-256Kbps (with 4GB download per month)
  • DSL-512Kbps (with 6GB download per month)
  • DSL-1Mbps (with unlimited download)

In addition, each new subscriber can enjoy 30GB download per month for the first three month after activation and Free Unlimited night time downloads from 1:00am till 8:00am.More here

9 Responses

  1. There’s no better way to disspell rumors and suspicions then to try things yourself. I am not negating what your friends have told you. I am just telling you since I have a first hand experience of using PTCL’s service. And believe me, I have heard of bad experiences myself but MOST of them have been due to poor phone line connections or some other technical problem at the user’s end. I have a fiber optic line and it’s totally noise-free AND BECAUSE OF THAT, my DSL runs brilliantly.

  2. While i am thinking about trying PTCL its kind of risky in WATEENs case.

    I have past experience with PTCL and its not a good one but recently there has been a sea change in telecom & i expect the competition may just give me some benefit here.

    I am mainly concern about the poor line & YES the not so good technical support from the PTCL guys.

  3. Get a fiber optic line if you can.

  4. Wateen’s Amazing Offer!

    Wateen; the leading WiMax service provider offers Broadband internet and telephony for economical rates. You can now surf with internet for as low as Rs. 499 and turbo charge your internet speed to 1 Mbps for only Rs.799. Wether, it is gaming, downloading or any live streaming… get connected with Wateen today to enjoy true connectivity. Further more experience Wateen to Wateen calls Free for Life with a crystal clear voice, for as low as 40 paisas. Be a Wateen family member!!

    Details: feel free to call toll free: 111-365-111, visit website:


  6. I am a Sales Executive from WATEEN.
    If anyone wants a WATEEN connection please do call me on this number..
    0303 4285967
    free delivery any where in lahore

  7. Hello, all
    i just want to warn you all, dat plz dont buy any thing from this guy, adnan, who is giving his number above in comments, he is just a fraud, a lier,
    there is no , 15 days money back guarantee from wateen, this guy claims every where that wateen will return all the initial amount which was 3100 in my case,
    there were no good signals, but thus guy said me, that u check this for 15 days, at any time, u want to return the device, u will get full amount back,
    but when the 2nd day, when i wished to returned device, that guy just kept me telling stories, dat m coming in 1 day,today, tomorrow,in 2 mins, etc,but never came
    and when disappointly i went to wateen frunchise, i came to knw dat wateen has no such policy,
    once the account is activated,there is no money back thing,
    and this guy just told lie to me, just to make his sales commission,
    and i returned device now, with half price, and with 10 days tension juzt because of this guys cheat,
    stay warned,
    His name is adnan mirza
    and his number is 0303-4285967

    • ok bady


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