METBLOGS – we are fixin stuff

I opened today , only to find this all over browser. A pleasant surprise indeed. Though Sean had told us that there is some upgradation going but didnt remember its coming today. Loged into email & found this email (after this image) from Sean :
Hey Authors!
Today is launch day! Throughout the next 24 hours or so we’re going to be switching from the slow and crusty old system to the fast and shiny new system. This will unfortunately cause a little bit of downtime in each city, but we’ll get things back up and running as soon as ossible.
In the meantime we’re going to need you to not post anything on the sites until you hear more from me. The old system and way of posting is going away and you’ll get the keys to the new system today. This is the exciting part, and we’ve got a lot more info for you coming very hortly.
All of us at MBHQ
I am so exited about the new system as i believed there are some serious changes required in old one. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

2 Responses

  1. 😉 its gonna be fun

  2. O sure its gonna be doc.

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